Wednesday, December 9, 2009

16 Days to Christmas...

Wow...that seems odd. What happened to November? Where did it go? I could swear there used to be a month between October and December...but alas, it doesn't appear to be the case this year.

Actually, I am sitting in a pretty ok position right now as far as making and getting all the gifties in order. I have finished all the scarves for the girlies in my life, and have finished almost 3 of the scarves for the boys in my life (I have about 2 more repeats of the pattern to finish the third scarf). The kidlings are all taken care of, and even wrapped (of course, I had no choice but to wrap them the same day that we got them, since certain little persons are nosy and would likely have stumbled upon the gifts, thus ruining the surprise)! The other kidlings (nieces and nephews) are all finished, too. They were done the same time as mine own. Gawd, I love Samko Miko. That place is a godsend for anyone with children or children like persons to buy for. We walked out of there with gifts for 14 kids for less than $200. And I know, it is very tacky to mention money, but seriously, dude, that is less than I spent on the gifts when there were only 6 kids to buy for.

In other news, I am sure that we have all seen the various "make your own decoration" things. They're everywhere. And I have to admit, I am intrigued by this: a yarn-wrapped wreath. Sadly, I know myself well enough to know that I would want to unwrap it and start knitting...or would buy the yarn and immediately hide it so that it did not end up being used for a wreath. Especially if it were green. I love green. (I am very much an autumn, yellow, orange (not blindingly bright), deep reds, browns...yeah, I love those colours.) I am very weak when it comes to those hues. I wonder if it would look tacky in rainbow brights?

I have also been getting back into the sewing. A lot. I think that after this Christmas, with all the yarny goodness that is going on, I just need to have that little creative break. I am currently working on an apron for myself, but have just recently finished doing a bedspread and sheet for my daughter's teacher (for her daughter for Christmas). I've also become the "go to" gal for shortening pants.

Am has also done an amazing job on her first report card (seriously...there are 3 terms in grade 1...who knew this??). One C (which at this level means she is doing good, but slightly below the provincial guideline) in writing, but other than that, everything was As and Bs. Woohoo.

And little mister is doing great, too. We have started his OT appointments, but he is starting to show improvement. I think he just likes having someone other than mom or dad mention that he should be doing certain things that he is not. I mean, 2 weeks ago he couldn't roll over. Even if we pushed his bum. Now, he is doing it on his own. Same with the feet. Didn't know he had them...never once seemed interested in them or playing with them. Now he constantly rolls himself up to get them. And he is starting to use the right side more. He actually managed to pass one of his toys left to right! WEEEE!!! Our OT believes that he will catch himself up by the time that he reaches his 8 month follow up. I hope so.

Anywho, I am outta here for now. I have a scarf that needs finishing, and a bath that needs someone to soak in it...I guess I can suck it up and know, for the sake of the bath.