Monday, May 16, 2011

Fate is just an Energetic Child with a Short Attention Span

Today I headed out on the town (a work related assignment to be sure) with one of my boss ladies. Nothing special, but at this moment in time, anything that is outside of the areas that I already know is exciting. It still makes me happy. These are thing little things that make me feel like a local. So when others say “oh, you know where place xyz is” I can say “oh yeah, I’ve been down that way”.

So in my journey, I discovered that it was wholly unnecessary for me to be there, but I did find a mall. One that one day, when I have a little money, I would love to go and see again. For the moment, a quick stop at the drugstore there will have to suffice.

I am about 14 inches into the shawl now. It is coming along really nicely. I forgot just how much I like the feel of bamboo. It is infinitely soft and glorious to the touch. And I realize that I don’t need it until july, but I would rather have it done sooner than later. And the fact of the matter is that I just really like this yarn.

Plus my other boss lady’s birthday is in August. So 4 weeks after this one is given, I have something else due. I know, logically, that they aren’t “due” per se, but the fact of the matter is that I like making things for people. It gives a birthday gift that extra oomph. (I say that knowing full well that I HATE making this for people when I feel I have to, or they feel I should. Go get your own talent!)

And every time that you see a person wearing something that you lovingly and/or painstakingly spent hours creating, there is a simple and pure beauty to that that cannot be described.

In other news, I just recently finished reading A Nameless Witch. Awesome read. With some really intelligent and humourous quotes (such as the title of this post).

And my super squee of the day: The Neil Gaiman written Doctor Who was the one that played this weekend past. I haven't seen it yet, but I have it PVR'd...wOOt!! So excited for that.

Anywho, is that magical time of the day when my bed starts calling for me.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's a Shawl Kinda Day

Well, I guess it is more turning into a shawl sort of week.

I finished this puppy a few weeks back (I took the lace pattern from a shirt that I had done once before, and just altered it enough to make it flow nicely). It was boring, and black, and acrylic, but I am fairly pleased with the end product.

I would have preferred a nicer yarn to work with, but I didn’t really have a choice. The girl this was for is allergic to many materials, and specifically asked that I make it in acrylic. And she doesn’t do colour. At all. So it was black, blue or white. All of which are colours I like and wear a lot…but they are not the most exciting colours in the universe.

Sadly, with this acrylic, the pattern doesn't show overly well:

Anywho, I am thinking this has started my current love of lace. It is fun to do, and I love watching the patterns appear out of a hole. Beauty from chaos. One of my favourite things ever!

I have since started on this (which is to one day be a shawl for one of my bosses). She inadvertently picked it out herself. She is a bit of a fashionista, and so when I was looking at various patterns to do for her, I figured, hey, what the heck...sent her several and asked her opinion. She knows that I have family coming out to visit me in July, so believes it is a birthday gift for one of them. :)

I am sure that she has some inkling this might be for her, but really, who is going to be crass enough to ask someone if they are making something for them? She is a classy and refined kinda gal, so I can't imagine that she would ever think to ask me outright.

The yarn for it is from Yarntopia Treasures (Bacon, I love eBay). It is a 100% bamboo yarn, so has a wonderfully soft and silky feel. It's just in its baby stages (I did it originally on size 3.25, as called for, and found it to be a little too small for my liking. There wasn't the drape and hand that I knew this pattern and yarn could do.

So anywho, here she is so far:

The yarn is called "he loves me not"...which is a really nice blend of red, pink, blue and purple, and all the multitude of shades in between.

I thought that I would try to bring some colour to her wardrobe. Like many professional women, she has fallen into the "black and gray and all the shades in between" style.

Anyway, that is all that is going on for the moment. Will update when my life becomes more exciting, or I start making progress on the Tongue of Fire and want to show it off. hehe


Friday, May 13, 2011


Well, today was my first day on Zyban. At the moment, I am okay. I have set my quit date (May 27th). I have been warned about the side effects of bad dreams and all that jazz, but I’m still willing. It is time, I think. Stress is still there, but hopefully I can keep it to a minimum which I think will help me in being successful. This is the first time that I am choosing to quit. Last time, it was because I was stuck in the hospital, with stress up the wazoo. With more and more stress added daily. And soooooo much uncertainty.

So I am hoping that this time, I can do it. I realize that we just finished a very cold and crusty winter, which would have, in theory, been the ideal time for me to quit…but I didn’t think about that. There was too much going on. Too much to be done. Too much doing.

Wish me luck.