Monday, April 7, 2008

Growing Up Creepie

So, this weekend, I was treated to a wonderful cartoon show on Sunday mornings called "Growing up Creepie". It was awesome. And it came on right after Ruby Gloom. I think that Sunday mornings are going to become my favorite cartoon day after all. :)

Got a lot of work done on my coat this weekend. I now have a vest, complete with little hangy bits that need desperately to be hidden away....

I am working on sleeve #1, and am about halfway through, at that. Hopefully, it will be completely done by end of day today, and I can cast on the match tomorrow. Ideally, I would like to have it completely done and wearable by Monday of next week. And it seems like, despite the bugger up of making two left sides, this goal is very workable.

The only downside is that I won't have the buttons for at least another week or so. I found these absolutely awesome ones on eBay (after searching high and low for a set of 12 really nice buttons that were bigger than a nickel, and would actually go with the colour - impossible, I might add). But, I am okay with wearing it with just the zipper until they arrive. Besides, it is getting too warm out for me to keep wearing my winter coat...something I am very happy about.

Also, I have just heard about the knit jamboree in Mississauga in May. :) Not sure what all it entails, but I am thinking I might head out to it, you know, purely for scientific


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I am sooooo weak

Yes. I am a big girl. I can admit that I am weak. I have a weakness for my daughter...and books...and purses...and shoes....and really nice and soft yarn...and coffee...good lord don't forget the coffee. Anyways, I am sure that you get the point.

So today, while taking a very much needed walk away from my cell during lunch, I stumbled upon a Coles Bookstore having a massive sale. And there...on the top of the first pile of the first table is Family Circle's Easy Baby Knits. Now, I have many friends who are currently expecting. And since they all know one another, I didn't want to do the whole making one thing several times over and have them all go "um, yeah, this would be the booties and hat and sweater" thing and not even bother opening the gift.

And, well, it is regularly $38.95 on sale for $4.99. I don't have the strength in me to walk away from that. I don't! I don't! I don't! So I

And the most important news of the day:

Today is my favoritest Nana's 81st birthday!!! WEE!!! She rocks.


side note: WalMart, after word of their lack of human decency, has dropped the suit mentioned below.