Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Why Do They Make It So Hard?

Ok, I suppose I do understand, on the most simple and basic of levels, the "why" behind the 4-page application process, the home visit, the neutral territory visit between the dog and family, the requirements for obedience training, the whole nine yards.  BUT, shelters often wonder why people would choose to spend $800 and up on a puppy or dog they find on Kijiji rather than adopt some poor creature who, through no fault of their own, needs a home.  We live in a modest sized townhouse.  We have a fenced-in yard.  We live a fairly active (often outdoors) lifestyle.  And yet I have to admit that the idea of all the various things that we have to do in order to apply for the puppy that my husbeast and I have taken a liking to is rather daunting.  I mean, my family and friends will be contacted to see what type of people we are, there will be background checks into both of our lives, there will be a surprise visit later in life *if* we are successful in adopting...and on and on and on.

Yes, we like the little guy that we want.  Yes, we know the cost for adoption as well as the cost for the obedience training.  Yes, we know that he is a puppy and will need training.  We are prepared to accept all that comes with a dog.  And we would prefer to do it in a manner that helps the wonderful people who foster and try to save as many animals as possible from "kill shelters".  But I am on the fence about if I really want to open my life up as much as I am being asked to to complete strangers who will then judge whether they believe we are fit to have an animal (especially given that, if they deny us the adoption, does that mean that they actually feel that we are worse for an animal than a shelter that would eventually kill them?).

I suppose I will have to think on it a little longer.  I mean, we have waited this long to find someone who would be a good fit for our family...if the little guy we like is adopted  before we make any decision, such is the way of life.  What is meant to be will be.