Monday, July 30, 2012

Sometimes I am a Little Slow

So, we all say it.  "This year, I am going to keep up a little more with my blogging."  But, inevitably, life gets in the way.  :S  Go figure...I want to share the comings and goings of my world with others, only to have said comings and goings get in the way of my telling anyone about them.  Yep, that sounds about right.

Anywho, I currently have one sleeping child and one who is, for the moment, content to play in her chair, chewing happily away on her fingers and, from what I can ascertain, trying to figure out why the fingers that are below are not so easy to get in her mouth.  I am sure that she will eventually get them, but for the moment, the 5 point harness is keeping her strapped in position and providing a nice diversion.  I will take the break where I can get it.

For the last little while, I haven't been on a finishing kick in any way, shape or form.  I have worked on a helluva lot of different things, and in all different areas of "artsy fartsy" stuff, but nothing that I have been all "look at me, I did that".  HOWEVER, that having been said, I have discovered that my friend's addiction to Pinterest has led to my addiction in actually wanting to start AND finish items.  It is kinda neat the feeling you get when you start and finish something in a relatively logical sort of time frame.  I mean, I have had things that sat around for months and months (some of them to the point where I could no longer recall where I was in the pattern, even after looking at it row by row and eventually ended up frogging...I guess you could say that the drive to complete said pattern just left).  But, as I said, a friend of mine recently has become a Pinterest junkie...which has led to her finding some awesome hand made items on Pinterest and tagging me..."can you make this?"  It is almost like it is a challenge.  I don't know...can I?  Can I do this in a relatively short time frame, since the item she has tagged me in is a summer item, and it is currently summer time?  Hmmm...lemme see.

And off I go.  This has, in the last week and a bit, led to this:

Even I am impressed with myself.  I am actually much further along on the socks than that.  The picture above was taken yesterday.  Now, I am up over the knee on the thigh high buggers.  Of course, the real challenge will be how long it will take for me to do the other one.  At the moment, I am planning on casting on the other one this evening, since the needles that start these socks off is a size 2.

Well, that is really all that is going on at the moment...I am loving Pinterest, but purely because of what it does to other people...which in turn motivates me.

I currently have an ant playing on my thigh under my pants, so on that note, I am going to sign off and go squeal like a girl until it is gone.