Monday, December 31, 2007


Here's to all....wishing you a very happy and healthy 2008. May it bring with it all that you desire.

much hugs and kisses


Thursday, December 27, 2007

happy 2 days after christmas

so the drama and trauma that becomes the holidays is finally over. Wee!!!

My daughter and I spent last weekend baking (she loves to bake, and despite what people think, I am very domestic). See what we made:

This became the majority of gifts that I gave out this year. Yummy goodness!! (There were about 200 cookies in total, 4 banana breads and 2 strawberry cream cheese loaves - also, though not gifted, there was a garlic herb roast, chicken casserole - messy but very yummy, and monster of all omelet.)

Also, just in time for Christmas (and yes, I realize that it was intended to be a birthday gift, but since I didn't see her until Christmas, such is life):

Yes, lady's sweater is finally done (it would have been finished much sooner had I not gotten pissed off with the left sleeve that seemed to somehow flip itself inside out every time that I started to sew it, and tricked me in to not realizing this until about halfway through the sewing - I eventually got it to behave itself and stop this trick, though).

Now on to the, I ended up getting a breadmaker (yeah, my boy is good to me) as well as a convection oven (yeah, my ma is too). I now have a fully stocked kitchen...and am loving it (despite the fact that I have to pack it all up in a few weeks time to move).

I also got:
JACK SLIPPERS!!!! And they are beyond a shadow of a doubt mine, seeing as he now as a little coffee coloured birthmark on his head. (I have decided that I need to start drinking coffee from a sippy cup.)

I sucked it up, and headed out to Michaels on the weekend, too, as they had a 50% off any one regularly priced item sale going on (coupon), so I thought I would see what I could find. Well, there was tons there I wanted, however all of it was on sale for the holidays, so the coupon was useless. I did end up getting on thing for myself, though. I haven't yet decided where I will use them, but I do love them, so I will find a place:

And, the icing on the cake...

I have long admired the interchangable needle sets, however could never justify spending $100 on myself...I just couldn't do it. HOWEVER, my daughter's grandparents got me a gift certificate for Michaels. And, in connection with the 50% off any one item coupon, I could easily justify spending $25 for these puppies...and yes, I already have them in use.

Purely for me, because I need a little me time, even though I do have things that need to be done (but not until March, so it is not slacking, it is taking a breather), I am working on a knitted cape (pattern from the late 60s/early 70s). :) I actually purchased this one about 4 years ago, tried making it once, buggered up totally on the left front panel, and swore at the pattern. I have now forgiven it, and am going to make a go of it. Wee!!!


Thursday, December 20, 2007

Because i am bored, you will all have to make do with my rambling

So I am currently working some overtime (who doesn't need a few extra bucks come the post-holiday credit card season??), and i must say...I am bored out of my freakin skull. The person who i am currently booked in with, well, I have been here for 4 hours, and have done nothing for. Nothing. What the hell? I mean, okay, sure, it is nice to know that I am getting paid time and a half to sit here making up my grocery list for Christmas dinner, but come on...

I spent an ungodly amount of time perusing the blog of one of my ravelry friends ( Not that his site is ungodly, or that there is anything wrong in reading about the daily comings and goings of virtual strangers, but I feel empty. I could have been home knitting. Sure, I would not have been making extra money, but I could have been knitting.

But instead, I have spent the last few hours learning:

1. Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant, and apparently the father has committed a crime in having slept with her, however no one has yet filed charges.

2. knitxcore has the attention span of a walnut.

3. There are literally hundreds of recipes for Seven Layer Salad, none of which seem to have the ingredients I remember in my mom's one from my childhood (must do further research...or pick up a phone and call her about this).

4. Lawyers cannot spell...even with a spell checker on, they ignore the warning of an incorrectly spelled word, and continue on their merry way.

5. The world is way to small some days...

And still none of this learning has brought me any closer to achieving ultimate enlightenment.



Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Holidays Looming Ever Closer...

Sorry for the lack of updating with respect to pictures and such...

Much as I love Christmas, I hate it, too. I hate the work it takes. I hate the ingracious way that others act. I hate the rushed feeling that I cannot recall ever being there during my childhood when Christmas was a time for family and friends enjoying one another's company.

But alas, I digress...I am slowly getting into a jollier mood (Love, Christmas flick EVER!!). Hopefully by the big day, I will be in full blown, non-egg nogged Christmas cheer!


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Twisted Shawl

I made this shawl for my boss. It was an easy knit, but turned out quite nice...

I used 4.5mm needles (US7) and Bernat Super Value yarn in Dusty Rose

c/o 86 st
Row 1: k3; p2; *k4; p2 (* to last 3 st); k3
Row 2: k3; k2; *p4; k2 (* to last 3 st); k3
Row 3: same as Row 1
Row 4: same as Row 2
Row 5: k3; *p2; slip next 2 stitches to cable needle and hold in front (c2f); p2; slip next 2 stitches to cable needle and hold in back (c2b); (*to last 9 st); c2f; p2; k3
Row 6: same as Row 2

Repeat these 6 rows until work measures 66 inches from beginning.

c/o 140 st
work garter st for 1"
Row 1: k3; p2; *k4; p2; (*to last 3 st); k3
Row 2: k3; k2; *p4; k2; (*to last 3 st); k3
Row 3: same as Row 1
Row 4: same as Row 2
Row 5: k3; *p2; c2f; p2; c2b; (*to last 9 st); c2f; p2; k3
Row 6: same as Row 2

Repeat these 6 rows until collar measures length you wish (I chose 4 inches; you may wish to make yours longer or shorter).

Fold shawl in half. Line up centre of collar with halfway mark on shawl and pin. Sew collar to edge of shawl.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Holiday Projects

So in an effort to finish those items which have kinda gone by the wayside, I am been diligently wiling away the hours with my needles clicking at super speed.

I have only to finish sewing the one sleeve on my mother's sweater. The scarf I am doing for a friend of mine is actually, finally, started...though I have barely made a dent in it. The skull sockies have been put on hold, since I realize that I need to finish the other items first. The shawl that I am making for my boss will get started this weekend (yeah, yeah, I know I am horrible with judging time on this one...especially since I can safely say that it will not be completed by the end of Hannukah). And my arm warmers are almost completely done...I have about an inch of ribbing to do, and that is all.

Will post this weekend with photos and (hopefully) updates.


Thursday, December 6, 2007

It feels like I am ready for Christmas...

but sadly, I think this every year...actually, I honestly do think I am ahead of the game somehow this year. not only did I make my final loan payment last month (meaning that I won't ever have to make one of those again...YEAH!!!), but I have provided my notice at my current residence AND have already started slowly sifting through the items i have collected at home that i really don't think i need (i found my breast daughter is 4...yeah, i am a bit of a pack rat).

of course, with the moving and the packing and the holidays and everything else, i am finding that i am having a hard time with some things. there are people who i have grown very attached to, very fond of, who are, unfortunately and through no fault of their own, being hurt by my actions. i hate this, and i hate knowing that all these things are things which i have put upon them. and i know that i have to start doing things for me, regardless of others, but it still affects me. i have hurt myself and been hurt by others enough to know beyond any doubt that i do not want to be the cause of that to someone else.

so currently i am trying to bury myself in things to do (i.e. knitting, cleaning, packing, organizing, decorating, baking, etc., etc., etc.). it has worked so far, but in the wee hours of the night, the guilt still sneaks up on me. hopefully once the move is done, and others realize that things are not as lonely, as far, as bad as they may seem, it will be better.


Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Those who know me know that I have an utter obsession with skulls...Mainly because I plan to be a pirate one day...when I grow up and all that jazz. :)

However, until such dream is finally realized, I am content to knit myself a pair of skull socks. I found this pattern at And yes, I know that I have several christmas gifts currently on the go, but I need to take some me time. (It is kinda like on that show, The Oblongs, when the mother is trying to win a shopping spree offered by the local cigarette company, and despite having smoked several packs of the local brand, takes a "smoke break" with one of her own brand...I know that I am knitting a thousand and one things, but I need to have something that I can relax with...)

Hopefully I will be a little closer to finished soon...but for now...


Friday, November 23, 2007

Friday...sweet, sweet Friday

Yeah!!! The weekend is here. IF I choose to go out in the cold and ice and snow for the next 2 days, it is completely my own fault/choice/etc. Very happy about this.

And to boot, I am going to hit up the local toy warehouse (you know, those little warehouse places that open in September and close in December) to get the shopping part of Christmas all done (little one will be with her grandma and grandpa). I hope.

I am sure that I will likely break down and cry while there (I hate large crowds, and tend to get very angry, and pushy, and generally it is the worst parts of PMS all rolled into one), but my little girl is worth it. And, since this place offers tons of things at a massive discount (see previous posts - I am cheap), I am sure that it will be packed....absolutely packed...

I just have to remember that I am there for her...not me... :)


Thursday, November 22, 2007

AJN Pattern

Cast on 78 st; divide 26 on each of the three needles.

Work a simple k2; p2 (or whatever tickles your fancy) ribbing until it measured about 2 inches.

k until the piece measured approximately 5 inches (use your own discretion on this one).

round 1: k2tog the first st on each needle;k to end; rep
round 2: k

Continue round 1 and 2 until you have just 3 stitches (1 per needle) left.

cast off together and secured on the inside of the hat



I am not built for winter. I know this full well, but sadly continue to put myself through it every year. Not once have I taken a year off of winter, despite my desire to do so. Last night, the rain that had been coming down since early yesterday morning, turned to slush. I hate slush. I hate it when it piles up at the corner of streets making it impossible to keep your shoes, pants, etc. dry when all you want to do is get to the other side of the road. I hate the way it squishes, and you can never be too sure that you are not about to keel over and break into the splits. And I hate that as I watched it fall in massive clumps on my car, I knew it would eventually freeze over and leave me with an icebox of a vehicle come morning.

So ever the smart cookie, I brushed my car off at 6:30, 9:00 and again just before bed at midnight. Midnight was the worst, as it was cold, and dark, and as I was brushing the slush from my car, big, fat, soft, white flakes started as quickly as I was cleaning the car, the snowflakes were covering it up (I am thinking, of course, in the neurotic way that only I can, that this might have something to do with the book I have just finished...Wintersmith (Terry Pratchett...awesome series)...and the universe has somehow decided that showing me it can be much worse should make the paltry 20 cm of snow I did get seem like a walk in the park). I am getting ahead of myself.

Knowing full well that there would still be snow in the morning, I set my alarm for 5:00 a.m. At 5:30, I finally dragged my ass out of bed, put on my comfy togs, and (of course after grabbing my freshly brewed coffee) headed outside to face what horrors awaited me. I will post pictures when I get home...however I was mortified. I wanted to cry. I knew the car was in there...somewhere. I am very enviro-conscieous, as well as very cheap, and cannot justify letting a vehicle run for 30 minutes because my ass doesn't feel like brushing off the snow.

So I brushed...and drank coffee...and brushed...went downstairs and woke up my daughter...back upstairs and brushed...went downstairs and got myself into clothes; again asked my daughter to get dressed...went upstairs and brushed...went downstairs and physically dressed my now screaming because she is a big girl and can do it herself daughter...went upstairs and started the car...came back in and got boots, mittens, snow coat, et al. on...then proceeded to drive over the snow on the driveway (I hated this...I really cannot stand when people don't shovel their drives) reaching a top speed of about 5 km...and safely made it to my daughter's school.

Sadly, in the 3 minutes which my car was off (had to take her in the school and help her get undressed), my car was, yet again, covered. This time, I just drove.

I hate winter. (I have decided to get over the depression I am feeling towards it, I will go and check out the knitting books at the local Coles during my lunch hour. That should help...and yes, I know that I have entirely too many projects on the go for me to THINK of starting another one, but it never hurts to be prepared.)


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Projects Projects Projects

I realize that I have lied to you all...and fooled you in to thinking I would have updated you on the progress of the turtleneck for my mother...I have just been lazy. (At least I have the decency to not lie as to why...I could have told you that a toilet seat fell from the sky and crashed into my front lawn, shattering my digital camera, however leaving the rest of the yard, and sadly the entirely too many that still need to be raked leaves, unharmed.)

Anyways, in addition to the turtleneck, I have also at least tried to start on the Christmas (yes, I said Christmas...not holidays...and I make no apologies for such) projects that I have ahead of me...including a pair of socks for my daughter (I let her pick the yarn about 6 months ago...the least I could do is do something with it), a purse for my dear sister, 3 sweaters for my nieces, and another sweater for my mom (she fails to realize that if you are cold, you should put on a sweater...I figure she just doesn't have very many, and is entirely too cheap to purchase some).

I will post pictures soon...maybe.


Monday, November 19, 2007

Ma's Sweater

Well, I have gotten a rather large chunk of the sweater for my mom (Bernat Classic Turtleneck, for those of you who are interested) done, and have just started working on the sleeves. The other day, while I was on the train home, I noticed a woman working with dpns. Of course, my immediate thought was socks...however I was wrong, and now I have to wonder why I hadn't thought of it before. She was working on the sleeve for a sweater she was doing for christmas...using dpns so as to avoid having to sew a seam for the arm when it is completed.

And I have noticed that it is going much quicker than any other sleeve which I have done in the past. This could just be because I am excited about working with dpns to finish the sleeve, or it could be because it actually is taking less time...or I could just be neurotic and there is really no time difference at all.

Anyways, long and short, I am very happy for the woman on the train.


Tuesday, November 13, 2007


So, I have finished the second installment of the AJN hat...and I must say that I adore it! Below is a picture of the detail at the crown. I am very impressed and happy with myself as to how this project has turned out.

And here is my Daddy enjoying his sweater (and a very challenging puzzle, as you can see):

And, of course, my daughter's sweater doing what it is supposed to:

I have recently returned back to working in Toronto, which means that, of course, I have returned as well to the Go Train commuting. And, much as I hate this, I have found that I am being much more productive with respect to my projects, which with Christmas around the corner, is definitely a good thing. I am working on a turtleneck for my mom (she is horrible with keeping herself bundled up during the winter time, and I figured with it being a handmade gift from her child, she will HAVE to wear it...if I have to wear the foam crown that pulls my hair out, she has to wear the sweater). And it is nice, because I can actually see an end to the sweater in the not-too-distant future.



Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a Happy and Safe Halloween!



Sunday, October 28, 2007

Et Al....

Here are some of the other projects I am currently working on (or have recently finished).

Here is the AJN hat #2...finished and fitting...

And here is the beginning of another hat (this one is being done with 2 different for softness (Satin) and one for warmth (pure wool). :) Hopefully, it will turn out okay...and

And one last project...I am experimenting with my circular needles. My daughter wanted a longer sweater (one that covered her bum). I have started just such sweater for her...but since I am not entirely sure how long I want it, and all of the patterns that I have been able to find are for regular length sweaters, I am freehanding this project on a pair of #4 circular needles...when I have the length right, I will use a standard sweater patterns for the sleeves and neck...but for now, this works...I hope.

tis all.


So I have been a little lazy in putting up pictures. :S Anywho, below is the pictures of the "not-so-hubby" sweater finished. :D Took me long
Here it is in pieces:

And here it is all done:


Monday, October 22, 2007

i have learned that anger, no matter how fruitless it may be some days, is sometimes exactly what you need to feel. i have realized that i have a tremendous amount of anger towards certain individuals for certain actions which they took and which were taken on their behalf. nothing will change those actions, or the resulting actions in response, but that doesn't prevent the anger. that doesn't stop me from wanting to scream, and to hurt in retribution for the hurt i feel. but i would not do that. i know myself better than that. and sometimes it is enough to acknowledge the anger and cry, scream and fight with it and for it. sometimes.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Let's Try this Again

So we are now on AJN hat #2. I messed up the first hat...royally....hehe...

When i decreased the stitched to bring the hat in, I did so entirely too quickly, and the hat now has a square look to the top of it. Oh live, you learn. :)


Friday, October 12, 2007

Some days...

I despise when people refuse to see the other side of something. Or believe that a request may be made simply for selfish reasons and not because a person is not comfortable in acknowledging something, or pointing something out, or sharing something at that time. It does not mean that what that person feels or thinks or is doing is trying to keep others in the dark. It just simply means that that person is not yet at a point of wanting to share.

And it hurts to know that information which was mine to share is no longer mine to share. This is not me being a bitch about it. But it hurts. Nothing more, nothing less. And it hurts even more because I know that certain people will believe that it is for self-serving reasons.

And quite frankly, after all the time, and after dealing with hearing the same broken record tunes, I just don't give a rat's ass anymore.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


So, I am currently covering the lunch break of our receptionist. I have found that I have a whole new level of respect for receptionists since starting this. (There are three girls in our office, and we all take turns covering the lunch.)

I have only filled in for her a few times, however I have had people become very disgruntled because I cannot magically tell them what time others in the office will be back, or know where they are, or know why they are not waiting around for their call. I have suffered utter boredom sitting around here doing nothing...absolutely nothing...for the entire time that I am here. I have had to attempt to make coffee, answer the phone, transfer calls, provide directions and make copies of documents all at once (apparently this is a skill unto itself - for now, I will call it java-call-drive-copy, or JCDC).

Today, however, is one of those days which I have sat here doing nothing. Not a thing. Thankfully, I thought ahead, and sent myself, via external email, of course, the link to a great site with many different hat, mitten and scarfs I have browsed. And I have found a wonderfully simple pattern that I can get my daughter to do (she loves the Knifty Knitter Looms...and oddly enough, can work it pretty good...but so far, we have only had scarfs of the waste bits of yarn I have not used).

Now, if that is not what you call a productive day, I really don't know what is. :)


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

One of those days

I believe I am having "one of those days". :( I just sort of feel out of sorts, you know? There feels as if something is not quite right with me today, but I cannot put my finger on it. Everything seems to be a little off the norm. I hate this feeling, because it makes me second guess things that I know without a shadow of a doubt, and if I don't second guess it, it makes me wonder why, and then I become paranoid, and double check things because I should have second guessed it, since it is, afterall, one of those days.


Tuesday, October 9, 2007


So I fully admit that this is my first attempt at making a hat. It seems simple...but sometimes things aren't as they seem, are they?

Anywho, I just started this one, so please don't be too cruel...


Here is my little pumpkin in her sweater (and boots). :)


Friday, October 5, 2007

That's Okay Mommy

So, I finally finished the pullover cable knit sweater I was working on for my daughter (can we say lazy??). Yeah, yeah. It was an excessively simple patterns, and really I took much longer than I should have to finish it. But quite frankly, I hate sewing seams....I really do. It is kinda like the dishes...I don't mind washing, I don't mind drying...but lord do I hate putting them away.

So anyways, yeah, the sweater finally made it from Frankenstein mode to actually looking like a sweater last night...complete with all the little hangy bits desperately in need of weaving. So this morning, while she was eating her breakfast, I decided to lay into that nasty little bit...actually, I shouldn't say that. I really don't mind the weaving. It becomes a game..."hide the yarn" player only...and there really is no great prize...ok, I find amusement where I can.

But as I am sitting there weaving in a loose end, my daughter turns to me and says "mama, I am going to wear my new sweater today". "Great babe, but it isn't finished yet". "That's okay. I don't mind".

I suppose blatent disregard for the words I have actually said is slightly better than yesterday's "you don't have to get all up in my face" (yes, apparently my 4 year old ghost white child is aiming to be gangster, yo).

Ah...but now I am down to just the one project...aghast...I will have to go home and change that ASAP.


Friday, September 21, 2007

On a train bound for nowhere

So, I was at my sister's house the other day for her middle child's birthday which my nana, being the sweet little iron fisted ruler that she is (I love her, don't get me wrong, but her iron fistedness is part of what makes her so lovable), upon opening the bag that contained the back of the sweater for my daughter (post below) and the front (picture below), without taking the time to unravel them, sees the knitting inside and immediately asks me if I am giving her something to fix so it looks good...

Yeah, i love my family...sadly, despite having to endure about 30 minutes of being picked on, I really do love them...

Anyways, my daughter has actually decided for once to go to bed AND sleep the last week, so I have actually been able to have time to myself, which of course means that I have been working on her sweater (among other things). Below is the front, including details of the cable stitch down the front...

Friday, September 14, 2007 is fall....

Okay, so I fully and completely admit that I am loving this fall, because it means I don't look half as crazy for knitting sweaters....wee.

I fully admit that I have been slacking on the knitting lately. I have had entirely too much going on for me to dedicate any time to knitting (as sad as that is). What is worse is that I admit I have stared at my yarn and played with it, sorted the needles (because for some reason I had a few that seemed to be missing their partners), and longed to work on a few of the projects I had earmarked for this fall....but alas, I could never find the time to start.

Between the new job (which I love), the new place (which is still in utter chaos), birthdays (my little girl is not 3 anymore *sniff*) and other silly life things which have gotten in the way, I just haven't had the time to do anything for me.

So finally...Monday, I sucked it up, and decided to take some me time...well deserved me time. I started the sweater below for my daughter. And yes, it is the same yarn as for the poncho I made her previously. She likes it because it is bright. I like it because it makes her smile.


Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Sorry about the delay in has just been a mile a minute non-stop for the last little while. I have been doing some knitting but not near as much as I would have liked to have accomplished...but sometimes, such is life.

I have much joy and happiness type things going on now...I started a new job on Monday...6 minutes from my house. :) And yes, I realize this has now cut into my 50 minute train commute where I can knit, but I will find the right balance once things get more settled.

That is all, really. :)


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

because some days, the calendar is wrong

so last night, as I was tidying up and getting the garbage and recycling ready and waiting for my shameful addiction to begin (yes, I watch So You Think You Can Dance), when suddenly it occurred to me. It was not Wednesday. (Of course, I only realized this AFTER I flipped through every guide channel in an attempt to find out what had happened to my beloved SYTYCD.) In the span of a few short hours, I lost and gained an extra day to Friday, which is, of course, the best day of the week.

And to boot, I have this Friday off. :)

I think the calendar snuck an extra day in while I wasn't paying attention. I am going to have to keep a closer eye on that.


Friday, June 15, 2007

Socks, socks, socks

I must admit that I have been slightly remiss. I got a little cocky with the first of my daddy's day socks, and have slacked off ever since. I have the second sock about 3/4 of the way done. And it has been that way for a few days now. I am thinking that I am going to have to settle down and finish it this evening, as I have plans tomorrow, and will likely enjoy the drinks, weather and company too much to want to work on it.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Daddy's Day

It has been a much better week (touch wood) than last week. Actually, I suppose much better than the last few weeks.

For starters, I will (hopefully) be getting my golf clubs tonight. Because I am that kind of geek.

And, I am actually going to be able to see my dad on daddy's day (novel concept).

So, I started these on Sunday just past. The other one is well on its way to being done.



Wednesday, June 6, 2007

An Unneccesary Evil

So it has been an interesting past few weeks, if nothing else. I apologize for my lack of updating as of late. June appears to be a month of many things finally being settled. I am just hoping that not much more comes up.

I have decided that GPs are one of the evils of the world. My daughter has had continual ear and chest infections for about 18 months now. Just as one clears up, another one begins (normally within 2 - 3 weeks at most). Our family doctor has long told me this is normal, and since she had just begun daycare when this started, for a while, I could buy that. However, as this continued, I felt less comfortable in his assessment of this being "normal". The last occurrence of an ear infection (yesterday), I screamed blue murder at him. He told me that he was certain the infections were caused by an allergy, however feels that she is too young for an allergy test (yet I know of many individuals who have taken their children for these tests much sooner than 3.5 years). I asked him to set up a referral to a specialist so that a specialist could confirm his theory and my mind could be eased. is the fun one...he refused. He "is not prepared to do that". What the hell is that? How can a doctor tell me that they are not prepared to see to the health and well being of one of their patients?

Needless to say, I will not be going back to him. I am currently seeking out another avenue for getting the referral I need to have my daughter seen by a specialist and, as I am guessing this will happen, have tubes put in her ears.

The petty side of these events...I had just finished the sweater posted below on Monday night...and wore it for the first time ever yesterday. Because I had to leave work early to get my daughter, no one saw it. :(

Not the best picture, and with the way I am standing, it looks a little off, but oh well...such is life.


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Well then...

So, I have finished my socks (yes, I finished them...they are slightly uneven, but I love them, and have ever faithfully been wearing them whenever possible - amazingly they have yet to develop any smell, which only indicates that I have been smart about taking them off when I am not in direct need of them)! I am very happy with the way that they turned out (I read a lot about people having problems with holes when they turned the heel). The only issue that I have had with respect to my socks is that the ribbing appears to be very very loose. :( Gonna have to work on that. Anywho, here are several pictures (and I realize some of these are repeats) of the entire process:



Tuesday, May 15, 2007

For no other reason than I CAN

So, for starters, I am going to attempt to make my first ever sock tonight. I realize that I have a few projects on the go, but I found a site that finally helped to explain the whole "turning a heel" process (in pictures - I deal well with pictures), and now I am excited to give it a try and see how badly I screw it!!

Now, more importantly, I have decided to start taking better care of myself. So each week, I am setting a goal for that week, to incorporate into my daily life. This week's goal...water. Apparently you need this stuff. Who knew? Anyway, that is this week's goal...try to drink at least 4 glasses of water a day (yes, I realize that it is supposed to be 8...that is next week's goal). I have long subscribed to the pool of thought that "coffee is just water dressed in brown" (Thanks Ani!!).

That is all...inanity at its finest.


Monday, May 14, 2007

Bits and Bobs

So from reading the blogs of others, I have realized that I am not alone in my having several things going on at once. This makes me happy. Of course, I have the one item which I am working continuously on, that one item that I desperately would like to see the end of. In my case, it is the sweater I have deemed "Hubby's Sweater". I have set a deadline for it, but given that it is the beginning of summer, and it is a fall type of sweater, I am noticing my progress has slowed on it. :( However, here is the latest installation:

So I am now on to the sleeves.

I have also begun working on one of the pieces mentioned before, one of the ones that has been sitting at the bottom of a bin for the last, oh, 4-5 years...sadly, I discovered that for some unknown reason, I made the right side of the coat about 4 inches shorter than the left and back...hmmm...oh well. I will just have to hope and pray to the knitting gods that I have enough yarn to make the right side and right front panel.

The coat is from an old pattern (circa 1970s) and is knit in 5 pieces. I am hoping that I will get the initiative and drive to have it done for fall can hope.

As I was over at the Great Canadian Superstore on the weekend (mother's day...needed that store), I noticed that they have all their yarn on sale for $0.24! It is actually fairly nice yarn. So, being the ever diligent mother, I let my daughter pick out a colour, and have begun a dress for her. It will be my first time knitting something in the round, so I am not entirely sure how it will turn out (literally, at this point in time, I have casted on, and worked one round...not enough to post anything, for all you will see is a row of pink over a set of circular needles...).


Wednesday, May 9, 2007

As I mentioned...

As I previously mentioned, prior to knitting, I used to cross stitch. This is the one which I completed for my daughter when she was born:

I know...the quality of the picture isn't that good...but I have never once claimed to be a photographer. :)

I have been going through a bit of a cleaning phase lately. Trying to get rid of a bunch of things that I find I no longer need, use, etc. The latest of these has been, inevitably, those items which I had held on to in the belief that I may have had another child by this point in time in my life. This has not been the case, and I have a feeling it will be a long time, if at all, before another child is a part of my future. And going hand in hand with that is the fact that those cross stitches which I had completed with the intent of making another plaque for that wished for child should go to some use. So I have decided to sell them (along with the crib, toddler bed, and other baby items I have held on to). Below is one of those items. I love the design. It is so simple, but I also have the pattern to do a quilt, sleeper, bib, towel, etc. :)

On the topic of pieces I have done (yes, I realize that none of this has anything to do with my current projects, but I promise, I will give an pitiful as it is...), this is the poncho I made for my daughter a while ago (one of the first things I made when I decided to start knitting again). She wore it for about 4 days solid, until she fell asleep on her side and I was able to slip it over her head. And yes, that made me monsterously happy.

I love the colours in this yarn. Oddly enough, the yarn was given to me by Ammy's old daycare, as they received it as part of a donation, and they felt that it was too much for them to use in the short time the daycare had left. :(

Now for the update...I warned you, it is kinda pitiful. But please remember the entry below...I got about a third done, and had to remove it all. :( (Of course, my day went to hell in a hand-basket after that...I should have known everything else would turn to crap when I came to the realization I had to start the entire front over again...but I guess we all go through those days.)

I suppose that is all for today, kiddies. Happy knitting!


Monday, May 7, 2007

Oh the humanity

Well, I have finished the back of the sweater I am making my hubby, and started, quite diligently, on the front. I got through a fair amount of the work on it, probably about a third, before realizing...oh crap...I cast on the numbers for a small (my hubby is a large). le sigh!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

The Great Big Grrr and I

Let me preface this entry by saying I don't vote. Yes, yes, I realize this is very uncivic of me, however I refuse to be put in a position of deciding which of the lesser evils I would prefer. I have yet to hear of a single politician during my time who has ever made good on their promises, while not selling out another sector, one which is important to someone. On the other side of that coin, however, I don't bitch about the government which others have elected into power. I don't complain about the bad jobs they are doing, or the things they are taking away without care for who needs or uses those services.

However, lately I have been plagued by a certain function of the government, one which does not contain elected officials, so I am within my rights to bitch and complain at will. There are things within our government which no one becomes aware of until they are, unfortunately, on the wrong side of them. It is frustrating, and serves to further my dedication to NEVER vote, when the government officials who are connected with these services refuse to acknowledge the words, complaints, questions of a lowly citizen. They have proven to me, at this moment in time, that even were I to have voted in the powers which placed them in their positions, it would matter little to none, since my words mean nothing to them.

Now, when I am frustrated/worries/upset/etc., I knit (or up to recently, sewed). I started the below about 3 days ago (Thursday, on my train commute - since then, after my daughter has gone to bed). This picture was taken last night, before I went to bed. And while it is great that I will have the sweater I am working on for my hubby done much sooner than originally anticipated, the frustration has not ebbed.

I am sure that, at this rate, I will have pictures of the completed sweater up here in, oh, 2 (The below is from this evening.)

Wishing you never have to deal with the "people's" government...

On a much different, and definitely happier, note, I have realized that I have the world's greatest landlords. Yesterday, it was their youngest son's 13 birthday. Since my daughter and I (my hubby currently being away) were outside for most of the day, they happened to spot us. Immediately, they invited us along with them, for dinner and the party. Then my landlady absolutely insisted that we come. So we were treated to an absolutely wonderful barbeque dinner, followed by much laffing and games. And this morning, yet again, we were outside relaxing (Ammy was riding her bike around while I sat and...oh the shock...knitted) when they came outside. My daughter was immediately absorbed into their games and activities...and I very soon found myself with a much appreciated cup of java. :)


Friday, May 4, 2007

A Cheaper Obsession

I admit, I have a purse obsession. However, while I was working on this, despite the temptation to purchase about 3 different purses which I adored on sight, I waited, knowing this baby would be done soon. And here she is:

My latest baby. This is, oddly enough, my first time EVER having completed something for myself (as far as knitting goes). I actually just got back in to knitting again after having switched to the much more staid cross-stitch several years ago. Thankfully, though, I still have much of my knitting supplies (sadly this includes pieces which I never bothered to finish), so that made the transition back to knitting fairly inexpensive. I have not learned to use my camera all that well, so I cannot, unfortunately, get a good close up of the cable work on the bag. It is wonderful (if I must say so myself). I will be doing another one, likely in a solid colour, as the cable work stands out more in solids than in this yarn, but I do love this yarn.

I am currently working on a sweater for my other half (which he will wear whether he likes it or not). :) I have made the switch to circular needles for most of my projects (this is a new thing for me completely...I have never used them in the past), and I have found that I am addicted. LOVE THEM!! They are also much more convenient given that the majority of my knitting is done on a busy commuter train during the morning and evening rush hours. And yes, I did accidentally poke someone with my straight needles once...thankfully it was someone I know and chat with almost every day, so it was not a huge ordeal, but I still felt kinda guilty.

Hopefully I will have many more of my knitting adventures to share soon.


This is just the beginning...

For those of you who are experienced bloggers, I apologize if you have mistakenly stumbled upon my blog with high expectations. I am a newby. But I have realized that I like the idea of having a blog. And, since I love crafts and often lurk on the blogs of those individuals who I have grown attached to in a completely non-stalker, "I really like her ideas or patterns or designs" sort of way, I decided what the hell...I think I will start a blog.

This brilliant decision came to be about 6 hours ago...which resulted in my IMing a buddy to ask "how do I go about setting up a blog?" He is a computer geek, and I am sure that he laffed at my question, but he answered none the less. (Thanks Dave)

A little about me...I am mother to a wonderfully precocious 3.5 year old (who some days appears to be going on 30 - but isn't that the way?). She is the light of my life, and an endless source of inspiration and joy for me. She is highly frustrating some days, but no matter how angry I may get at something she has done (or, in some cases, refuses to do), one hug, one kiss, one glance at her in contented sleep, and I am lost. :)

I do have a wonderful man in my life. Again, he is a source of inspiration, frustration, and everything in between. But he is mine, and I am his, and I love him.

As I have previously mentioned, I am a crafty person (mainly knitting, if you didn't get that one already), so I am sure this blog will be filled with many crafts at all stages. If that is not your thing, well, don't read those entries. If it is, feel free to ask, answer, provide tips, etc.