Friday, October 30, 2009

Oh My

Well, it has been an eventful week, if nothing else.

Monday afternoon, I finally went for a very much overdo root canal. It wasn't fun. I didn't enjoy it. But, I can actually bite down now without pain or fear of food getting caught in there and disturbing the nerve. Amazing how nice of a feeling that is. Absolutely amazing. I love our new family dentist. He has done more with our family in the last month than the previous one ever did. Not that she didn't recommend referring us to specialists for routine items for EVERYTHING (with the exception of cleaning...but seriously, sending my child to a specialist for a cavity??? why???).

Anywho, so there was that. Then, on Tuesday, we went for Riley's VCUG (voiding cysto-urethrogram). A VCUG is a test that uses an x-ray and contrast medium to show what happens when a person urinates. Our surgeon requested this test in order to ascertain whether the umbilical tube which is currently connected to his bladder is filling with fluid, or whether it is clear. Well, the tube is clear. It appears to be sealed off from his bladder. HOWEVER, in the course of this test, we discovered that after flushing fluid into the bladder, his kidneys are refilling with urine from the bladder. I don't know the full extent of this, but for the moment it appears to be something that is manageable. He doesn't appear to be in any pain, and it certainly doesn't seem to affect how many wet bottoms he has. We are adding a urology team to the group of doctors that Riley is collecting. :S

On Wednesday, we had our follow up with the Immunology Department at Sick Kids. They took a lot of blood, both from Riley and I, and took a whole lotta notes. We go back in March, since some of the tests they are running take a long while to develop. And, since there has been so much back and forth with respect to the H1N1, and since I can't get a hold of my pediatrician to save my life, I kinda figured that they would likely be the best qualified to answer whether it was right for my family, given our situations, medically speaking. And they want us all to get it. Mainly, they want Riley and I to. But, since we are getting it, figured that getting it for Ammy and the man wouldn`t hurt. Plus, with the number of things currently going around Ammy`s school, I feel comfortable with her getting it. (Especially considering that 7 days before symptoms show, those infected are contagious - two of my nieces who I don`t see often have it, and this is what their doctor informed them of.)

And here is where I am in a bit of a bind. So I got home and called our pediatrician...every 15 minutes...for 3 hours. No answer. No voicemail where I could leave a message and be contacted back. Nothing. Again yesterday - from 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (with the exception of the answering machine I reached at 12:10 informing me that they were on lunch and the machine could not take messages)...and again no answer. I finally got pissed off and called our family doctor. They have no problem in giving us the shots, so we go in first thing on Monday for them. Even though my son is not their patient. Yeah, I am thinking that I am going to transfer him over, too. I understand the whole wanting someone who is experienced with children thing. I seriously do. But Riley has a huge team of specialists for everything that is going on. He is no longer on oxygen. Hell, our pediatrician refused to take any responsibility regarding Riley`s oxygen. So in short, we go there, he weighs him, measures him, gives him shots. We book the next appt., and that is it. And apparently, if this last week is any indication, if he gets sick before his next scheduled appointment, I am up poop creek without a paddle because no one answers the damn phone there.

Ok, venting done. Sorry, but that does bother me. What would happen if my son was sick with something (like any sort of virus at the moment, of which all viruses are huge red flags waving over him in the eyes of the Immunology Dept., since his immune status is completely unknown)...what for a month until our next appointment comes around (and no, I am not stupid enough to leave my child sick because they won`t answer their phone).

Okay kidlings, that is all. Hope you all have a safe, happy and wonderful Halloween.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

To Keep Myself Occupied

Well, I have found some wonderful things that I can do while I am sitting at home on mat leave right now. My daughter's teacher is big on reading (which I personally think all teachers of lower grade levels should be, but that is neither here nor there). Her and I got talking about knitting one day, and I mentioned that I do knit so she has asked me if I can make her some "props" for some of the books that she reads repeatedly.

At the moment, I am working on an oversized mitten for The Mitten. Her teacher has little fisher price animals that are all in the book, so she plans on using those for putting in the mitten. I will also be doing a regular sized one so that the kids can see the size difference before and after the animals move in, and can discuss why the mitten grew. :)

I found an amazing site that actually deals with this type of stuff (Children's Lit n' Knit). There are a few other books that she has asked me to work props for, if I have the time and inclination. I am sure that it will be fun (since she would like to have them to share with the other lower grade teachers at Ammy's school).

Also of note, I have finished Tony's muves. They look and fit him great! Seriously, they rock. I am thinking that I may have to look into a pair for myself. The only real "christmas knitting" that I am planning on doing this year is a pair of socks and a hat. Other than that, nothing. Both of those shouldn't take too long (so long as I try to remember that they are a gift, and therefore 1 sock is not an option).

That is all, really. Family is doing great. Currently I am just enjoying the calm before the storm that starts next week...


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Love These Things

So, it may just be a honeymoon phase, but I am super duper in love with these cloth diapers. We have also ordered a bunch of the KaWaii brand AIO pocket diapers which should arrive beginning of next week. Our total so far for all our diapers (which is - including the ones to arrive next week - 18 diapers and 40 inserts) is less than $300.

Beyond that, though, I love the feel and leak stoppageness of these things. Not only are they super cute, but they really do their job. They fit Riley wonderfully. And doubling the insert overnight has worked perfectly. So far (touch wood) we haven't had any all.

And let me tell you, the softness of the microfleece lining is amazing. I am thinking I may have to start putting a microfleece lining in all my underwear! Damn kid is lucky as all sin to have that up against his little bottom all day. And it really does pull the moisture away from him and on to the insert.

Well, that is it for my raving. But check him out, being all happy with them:

I have also finished one of the glove/mittens for the hubby. (You know, the strange mittens with the first finger as a glove? Ya, those.) Ammy has been proudly sporting hers, and another little girl that I made them for has been declining to touch any one or thing with hers on, so I am guessing so far, so good. Oddly, I haven't even thought of making myself any. I am working on the sleeve for my cardigan (pictured below), and I guess I will make a pair for myself when that is done.

I also had a wonderful time hitting up the thrift shops this week. Riley is growing like a weed (is actually in 6 month clothing now), and Ammy seems to be in a new size every week. I bought her a pair of boots for winter (oddly enough, they are the "Riley" boot from walmart), and ended up getting the size 13. 13!!! Seriously? My main intent when I hit up the ValuVillage and local TS was to try to find a snow suit for Ammy (I don't want to spend $50 on something that will only last 1 season) and some warm winter sleepers for Riley. Ended up with several warm winter sleepers for Riley (the thick fleecey ones) for $2 each, and a few really cute outfits that I just couldn't resist (they were on sale at VV, and worked out to be about $3 each, so I can't complain in the least). I also got Am several pairs of pants, since we seem to have hit flood season. Couldn't find a snowsuit (apparently thrift shops understand that Christmas and Halloween stuff shouldn't be out at the same time) nor any pjs, but will likely go on another expedition in a few weeks time.

That is really all that is new and exciting, boys and girls.


Side Note: Most people don't realize this, and I know that I never noticed this before, but on the disposable diapers there is a notation that all fecal matter should be dumped into the toilet and flushed prior to throwing the diaper away. Do you do that? Do you know anyone who does?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mittens Already?

Yeah, I broke and made a pair of mittens for Ammy already. But damn it is getting cold up here in the mornings. Seriously cold. I hate it. So, I have made the first pair of mittens of the season. I am sure that there will be more, many more, as the school has a "mitten tree" which I will be making several mittens for.

I'm also currently working on a new hat for Riley, since the ones that I have already made for him no longer fit his fat little head. (We are fifteen pounds now...just a side note.)

I'm also making great headway on the cropped cardigan I am making for myself. See:

I am hoping that I can get this finished sometime this week. The only things left, really, are the sleeves (and the collar, but that will be done when it is all put together so that I can judge it myself as to how big I want it).

And this, boys and girls, i why you shouldn't drink and drive:

(dont worry, no one was hurt). My sister and I were outside at my uncle`s place last weekend for the birthday party we held for all the nieces, and watched this happen. Buddy in the van took off down the road, until he realized that I was chasing him down the middle of it, and another girl was following from further up the road. Then he decided to come back, where he proceeded to fall over and claim that he couldn`t get any traction (though it had rained earlier in the day, everything was mostly dry by this point). Amazingly, when I took off, I threw the coffee cup I had in the middle of my uncle`s lawn, and somehow it didn`t break.

Well, that is really all that is new and wonderful in my world. Kinda slow, but that is okay. I am sure that it will get hectic soon enough. After much debating back and forth on the topic, we have decided that we are going to switch to cloth diapers for Riley. For starters, we are getting a trial package of 6 of them with 12 inserts, just to get us used to them, and will probably get another 6-10 of them as we see fit once we are used to them and ready to make the switch permanently. The cost for 12-16 in total with extra inserts will end up being about $350/400, which may seem like a lot, but while I was at my doctor's the other day, I found out that the average cost for diapers for a child until they are two and a half is $2,300. $2,300!!!! And that doesn't include pull up type of things. That is just purely diapers. Shocking, eh? Yeah, I think that I am okay with the extra effort and $350 vs. less effort and over $2,000. When I was younger, I babysat for a lady who had cloth diapers for her son. I remember what it was like with them. The ones that we are getting are super cute (Fuzzi Bunz, for those who are interested) and come with a pretty kick ass reputation.

I will likely update everyone on what an experience it is. :)

Until then, ttfn