Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Now that We are Expecting...

Isn't that neat? How I did that? How I explained something over the course of 2 different headings? (Actually, realized what I wrote on the first one, so it just kinda fell into place, and yes, I am a geek.) And yes, the timing is a little off (although technically speaking, we WILL be married first, by at least a month or two). And, well, we kinda wanted to have a house first. But life happens in mysterious ways.

We go for our "listen to that puppy beat" appointment tonight, then have our second "viewing"...lol...next Monday. (We already had one, due to previous issues that I was having, and them wanting to make sure that incorrect information passed along at the hospital hadn't had a negative effect.) At that viewing, at 8 and a half weeks, everything was good and the sparkly little heart was, well, sparkling.

For the moment, in addition to the name Sprodling, I have also dubbed it "Lord Sparkle Heart of the Uterus". The boy isn't impressed with that name, but while it is in me, I can call it what I want! hehehe

I am liking that I am finally starting to get some energy back. The only down side to that is that with it being SO close to Christmas, I am way behind on various knitted projects that I opted to sleep rather than work on. *sniff**sniff*

Well, I am off to spread my good cheer elsewhere (a.k.a. I need lunch now).


Monday, December 1, 2008

What to Expect...

Wow...going to be a crazy few weeks. Not only do I have the few odds and sods to finish up for the knitting that I am doing myself for Christmas, but I have also volunteered to do some knitting (simple things - hats, mittens, etc.) for my daughter's school's bazaar, as well as some baking for it too.

Nothing major, especially since I had planned on doing a bunch of Christmas baking again this year (remember last year? with all the yummy breads and sweets? yeah, that was good). We are also moving at the end of the month, so have all the packing and such for that.

So much going on. So very much.

But, I have my wedding dress all ordered, so that is one less thing on my plate. All the Christmas gifts that need buying have been bought. Almost everything is taken care of (even the tree is up and decorated)...I think (and hope and pray and will cross my fingers I am right about).

I even have everything for the Naughty Xmas Swap through Ravelry. WEE. Love feeling in control.