Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Really? Already?

I can't believe that we are at the middle of July already. Where the hell did time go? Seriously? I mean, I clearly remember talking to my daddy in February and discussing when he was coming to visit. And voila! They will be here this weekend. What. The. Heck.

I recently finished a pair of abso-adorable ballet sockies for my sitter's soon to be little girl nugget. :) They were super fun and easy to do. Will post pics as soon as I have the camera up and running. Hopefully that will be very very soon (as in tomorrow??).

Anywho, hope all is well with everyone.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

And voila!

EWell, it is done. I discovered this morning when I wet it, the blue bleeds. My fingertips are a wonderful shade...lol.

Anywho, it is my boss' birthday this weekend coming up, so I will likely take it in tomorrow. With the upcoming long weekend, you can never really predict when purple will be around.


Monday, May 16, 2011

Fate is just an Energetic Child with a Short Attention Span

Today I headed out on the town (a work related assignment to be sure) with one of my boss ladies. Nothing special, but at this moment in time, anything that is outside of the areas that I already know is exciting. It still makes me happy. These are thing little things that make me feel like a local. So when others say “oh, you know where place xyz is” I can say “oh yeah, I’ve been down that way”.

So in my journey, I discovered that it was wholly unnecessary for me to be there, but I did find a mall. One that one day, when I have a little money, I would love to go and see again. For the moment, a quick stop at the drugstore there will have to suffice.

I am about 14 inches into the shawl now. It is coming along really nicely. I forgot just how much I like the feel of bamboo. It is infinitely soft and glorious to the touch. And I realize that I don’t need it until july, but I would rather have it done sooner than later. And the fact of the matter is that I just really like this yarn.

Plus my other boss lady’s birthday is in August. So 4 weeks after this one is given, I have something else due. I know, logically, that they aren’t “due” per se, but the fact of the matter is that I like making things for people. It gives a birthday gift that extra oomph. (I say that knowing full well that I HATE making this for people when I feel I have to, or they feel I should. Go get your own talent!)

And every time that you see a person wearing something that you lovingly and/or painstakingly spent hours creating, there is a simple and pure beauty to that that cannot be described.

In other news, I just recently finished reading A Nameless Witch. Awesome read. With some really intelligent and humourous quotes (such as the title of this post).

And my super squee of the day: The Neil Gaiman written Doctor Who was the one that played this weekend past. I haven't seen it yet, but I have it PVR'd...wOOt!! So excited for that.

Anywho, is that magical time of the day when my bed starts calling for me.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's a Shawl Kinda Day

Well, I guess it is more turning into a shawl sort of week.

I finished this puppy a few weeks back (I took the lace pattern from a shirt that I had done once before, and just altered it enough to make it flow nicely). It was boring, and black, and acrylic, but I am fairly pleased with the end product.

I would have preferred a nicer yarn to work with, but I didn’t really have a choice. The girl this was for is allergic to many materials, and specifically asked that I make it in acrylic. And she doesn’t do colour. At all. So it was black, blue or white. All of which are colours I like and wear a lot…but they are not the most exciting colours in the universe.

Sadly, with this acrylic, the pattern doesn't show overly well:

Anywho, I am thinking this has started my current love of lace. It is fun to do, and I love watching the patterns appear out of a hole. Beauty from chaos. One of my favourite things ever!

I have since started on this (which is to one day be a shawl for one of my bosses). She inadvertently picked it out herself. She is a bit of a fashionista, and so when I was looking at various patterns to do for her, I figured, hey, what the heck...sent her several and asked her opinion. She knows that I have family coming out to visit me in July, so believes it is a birthday gift for one of them. :)

I am sure that she has some inkling this might be for her, but really, who is going to be crass enough to ask someone if they are making something for them? She is a classy and refined kinda gal, so I can't imagine that she would ever think to ask me outright.

The yarn for it is from Yarntopia Treasures (Bacon, I love eBay). It is a 100% bamboo yarn, so has a wonderfully soft and silky feel. It's just in its baby stages (I did it originally on size 3.25, as called for, and found it to be a little too small for my liking. There wasn't the drape and hand that I knew this pattern and yarn could do.

So anywho, here she is so far:

The yarn is called "he loves me not"...which is a really nice blend of red, pink, blue and purple, and all the multitude of shades in between.

I thought that I would try to bring some colour to her wardrobe. Like many professional women, she has fallen into the "black and gray and all the shades in between" style.

Anyway, that is all that is going on for the moment. Will update when my life becomes more exciting, or I start making progress on the Tongue of Fire and want to show it off. hehe


Friday, May 13, 2011


Well, today was my first day on Zyban. At the moment, I am okay. I have set my quit date (May 27th). I have been warned about the side effects of bad dreams and all that jazz, but I’m still willing. It is time, I think. Stress is still there, but hopefully I can keep it to a minimum which I think will help me in being successful. This is the first time that I am choosing to quit. Last time, it was because I was stuck in the hospital, with stress up the wazoo. With more and more stress added daily. And soooooo much uncertainty.

So I am hoping that this time, I can do it. I realize that we just finished a very cold and crusty winter, which would have, in theory, been the ideal time for me to quit…but I didn’t think about that. There was too much going on. Too much to be done. Too much doing.

Wish me luck.


Monday, March 14, 2011

He's How Old???

Well, in honour of the first hot love of my life turning 50, I dedicate this post to Ken.

He was always such a suave guy...easily making the transition from business casual to beach ready to stalker hot:

And yet sadly, he was stuck up on that plastic bitch. He even went so far as plugs (I tried to shield him from the truth of how they looked, but I think the running and screaming *might* have tipped him off):

But alas...for every blue, effeminate ascot (I am guessing this is where my love of knitting started), I was there to make him cool again. In my childhood world of make believe, back when I still had an imagination all my own, he was the super coolest of the cool. Once, he was a paratrooper flying in to some foreign land I once heard of called USSR (take that reading program!!! I remember...) where he fought monkeys and boulders to free barbie's little sister (why was I bought the little sister for a present, but not the barbie 'vette like I wanted???? Lest you wonder why she was kidnapped by the evil monkeys and boulders). Many times he was a mountain climber who befell some horrible accident (note: I was called for lunch) only to struggle his way back up the mountain (note: dresser) to safety with only one arm and one leg (note: we had a very bad dog). But he did it.

So here's to you, Ken. I've said it before, and I will say it again, stop going for her. She is a narcissistic bitch with multiple personality disorder and severe feet issues. Find someone better. You deserve it.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011



Suranne Jones will play a character called Idris in an episode written by bestselling sci-fi and fantasy author Neil Gaiman. She plays someone who is beautiful and who bites “and who might just turn out to be an old acquaintance with a new face”.

Gaiman has teased on the internet that he’d taken up a “…plot point from an old episode called ‘The War Games‘. The episode begins “in void-space, with something – or someone – we have not seen since The War Games and a knock on the TARDIS door.”

The TARDIS breaks down on an alien junkyard world. “Although Idris is preparing for death as the story begins, she doesn’t actually die. By the time the Doctor and friends meet her she’s gone mad and ends up biting the Time Lord …”. Who is she? Romana? A Human Tardis, the Rani? Idris sounds a bit like Tardis.

The last story of the Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton) was called 'War Games' and it featured SIDRATs. 'SIDRAT' were proto-TARDIS’ (Space and Inter-Dimensional Robot All-purpose Transporter) that were used by the War Lords to abduct human soldiers from history to take part in the war games. So perhaps SIDRAT’s make a return in his episode.

Neil Gaiman has said his episode was originally titled The House of Nothing. Filming was in August 2010. Suranne Jones has previously appeared on the Doctor Who spinoff The Sarah Jane Adventures as an evil incarnation of the Mona Lisa.

Yes, it appears that Neil Gaiman has written an episode of the Doctor. Oh how this makes my little wee heart swell with happiness. :)

P.S. I have finished one of the two socks for my first pay it forward. I rock. Woot!!


Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's Not Like You Are Going to Wear It!?!

Well, I am pleased to say that I am rockin' it out as far as knitting is concerned. So far this year (a measley 20 days in) I have completed my tunic (such an awesome thing and I have already worn it to work a few times), a baby blanket (will post pictures soon), and 2 hats. I am also planning out an "I just had surgery and this is my ruby slipper" sock for my dear sweet Frannie. :)

AND, I am over half way through Season 2 of Merlin. Love it! Good thing I am not a die hard Authurian or I am sure I would hate it...but as it is, young Merlin is totally up there with bacon.

But now for my happiest thing. I am getting my deep freezer this weekend!!! Yes, I am that much of a geek that I am super excited about that. I just hate that there are often times these great sales on roasts and other such frozen animal bits, and I can't really "stock up" because we only have the little freezer on the top of our fridge. So I am stuck with only grabbing one or two, and lamenting the fact that I could have gotten 8 or 9 for about $20. And that is soon to be no more.

I love kijiji for the simple fact that you can find some things on there that you wouldn't have ever thought about. I mean, a chest freezer just didn't really occur to me before. I don't know why. We have friends out here with them. But it just didn't occur to me. And then one day, we were at Canadian Tire (there was a coffee maker tragedy in our house...all better now, but it was a rough and scary couple of days), and I saw the little mini freezers (about 3 cubic feet). But good lord...$200. So the one that I found is less than half that price, and 3 times the size. Wee!! And when I was telling the husbeast about the dimensions of it, one of his comments was "but it only comes up to just about my thigh". Um, seriously? Are you planning on wearing the damn thing?

Anywho, I am getting my freezer. Then I am going to start shopping around at the local butchers for the best meat for price deal. :p



Sunday, January 9, 2011

And then there was one...

The last few months have been a little rough. Some days harder than others, but on a whole, not exactly the easiest things to get through. And yes, I have been through harder. But it is hard to keep that perspective when you are going through something that, at the time, feels like the hardest thing on earth.

But things are getting better now. Lighter.

There are still hard patches, and I don't imagine life is all rainbows and sunshine and unicorns. But it's getting there.

And that, my dears, is life.

On the knitting front, hella busy. There's been sweaters and sockies and blankies and toys. So very many things. And I can't seem to locate where the pictures have all gone at the moment. But, this is my coffee tunic, finished just last week:

And I have already worn it. I love this. It was a relatively easy knit (especially given that I worked Christmas Eve day with nothing to do but sit around knitting), and it looks awesome.

I am currently working on a blanket for my boss's soon to be nephew. Just a simple basketweave pattern. Nothing earth shattering. And such a quick knit.

And I am participating in something a friend of mine posted (I can't really say "started" since she didn't...but she was the starter for this year for me)...Pay it forward 2011. I have my 5 people who I am going to make something handmade for...and once the blanket is done, I will start on that.

I am super in love with my new bosses. They are very cool and down to earth people. They keep me busy, which I love, without being crazy insane busy...and are appreciative of all that I do. Don't get me wrong...I am not someone who needs praise for every little thing that I do (especially when it is called my job), but I love that they acknowledge when I have busted ass for them...or when I have done something that is outside of the realm of my "job description". :)

Well kiddies, I am off to watch the rest of the Merlin marathon and knit for a bit (the little guy is down for a nap, so this is prime knitting time). Hope everyone finds their own measure of peace this year.