Wednesday, June 6, 2007

An Unneccesary Evil

So it has been an interesting past few weeks, if nothing else. I apologize for my lack of updating as of late. June appears to be a month of many things finally being settled. I am just hoping that not much more comes up.

I have decided that GPs are one of the evils of the world. My daughter has had continual ear and chest infections for about 18 months now. Just as one clears up, another one begins (normally within 2 - 3 weeks at most). Our family doctor has long told me this is normal, and since she had just begun daycare when this started, for a while, I could buy that. However, as this continued, I felt less comfortable in his assessment of this being "normal". The last occurrence of an ear infection (yesterday), I screamed blue murder at him. He told me that he was certain the infections were caused by an allergy, however feels that she is too young for an allergy test (yet I know of many individuals who have taken their children for these tests much sooner than 3.5 years). I asked him to set up a referral to a specialist so that a specialist could confirm his theory and my mind could be eased. is the fun one...he refused. He "is not prepared to do that". What the hell is that? How can a doctor tell me that they are not prepared to see to the health and well being of one of their patients?

Needless to say, I will not be going back to him. I am currently seeking out another avenue for getting the referral I need to have my daughter seen by a specialist and, as I am guessing this will happen, have tubes put in her ears.

The petty side of these events...I had just finished the sweater posted below on Monday night...and wore it for the first time ever yesterday. Because I had to leave work early to get my daughter, no one saw it. :(

Not the best picture, and with the way I am standing, it looks a little off, but oh well...such is life.


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