Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Unexpected Hiatus

Well, time flies. It feels like we just returned yesterday from our vacation, and here I was promising to update this site with all my loverly pictures. Sorry for the delay. :S

Seems sometimes that time just gets away from you. Between work (where we are currently moving offices, so that has been absolutely insane), birthdays (not including planning my little girl's one, there have been 3 since our return), weddings (some ours, some others), time has just gotten away from me.

On the knitting/crochetting side of life: currently working on an afghan for Am (crochet - I admit I am a little scared). It is, of course, pink and purple. Setting a goal of September for that one. Finishing up a few pairs of mittens (got a great book from the local library with tons of patterns...), too. Just waiting for the arrival of my order from KnitPicks. Got a really nice Black silk-wool blend for a sweater I plan on doing for the boy. Also waiting on a Cotton Linen blend so that I can knit up Zelda for myself. Not sure how well that will go, as I have never used a CotLin blend, but we will see.

On the wedding side of things: it would seem that we are making good headway on our own nuptials. Got Ammy's flowergirl dress. I know it really should be her choice, but she is an affable one, and the dress is a great mix of cute and pretty. And most of the big details all taken care of, too. Now it will just be a matter of the small ones. Got my dress all picked out, going out with the girls in a few weeks to get their dresses picked out. Still have to get around to my ma, as she wants me to help her pick a dress and do her hair and makeup and so on...she really is going kinda crazy over it. It is cute. Oh, and we finally decided on our song. :)

Well, that is about all.


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