Friday, September 12, 2008

Bits and Bobs and

I want one. This man is an evil genius in the form of a human.

Good lord has it been busy lately. Home and work. And with the little one starting senior kindergarten, I have been having to run interference with her and the learning books I got her. So, when I finally get her all settled down, after reading the 5 or so books that I have weedled her down to, I have barely enough time to knit. But c'est le vie. There are worse hardships in life.

Last night, I finished up the last mitten for kittens (WEE). :) I am going to idiot string them all (so that they don't get lost), but that shouldn't take any more than tonight to do. So, thankfully for the ones they are for, I can ship them out on Monday morning. I am also doing up another pair for one of the gals at work (well, for her son), but I have mastered them now to the point that they literally take me about an hour to complete. The bigger task? Making both the sweater and the vikings helmet for the boy before his birthday (2 weeks away) without him knowing! This weekend should provide me with ample opportunity to get a good chunk of one or both of these done, however, since the boys are all going out to do the tux thing on Sunday, followed by hitting up the bar for football. :)

UPDATE: And as an added bonus, my workplace husband wants me to make him the same sweater (but in different colours) that I am making for the other half, so I have the perfect cover for it over the next few weeks....AWESOMENESS!

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