Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Updates and the Late Birthday Gift

Well, haven't I just been a busy

Had an amazing weekend just past. Saturday, spent the day at Bronte Provincial Park with my bud Christina, her son and my daughter. They have this amazing barn for kids to play in...jumping things, and tire swings...just awesome. Sadly, they also have a great big sign posted "Adults Not Permitted" by all the fun stuff. :( Seriously, we need a Dave and Busters up here, stat!

Sunday was a nice quiet day. Sadly, the little one seems to have picked up a cold, so Sunday was spent in pjs and bed watching movies. I, of course, spent the day cooking...made this kick ass apple cinnamon bread....yummy!

This week itself, I am slightly on tenderhooks waiting for all my goodies from eBay to arrive...including my new phone (cuz the one I have is becoming crap), my wedding cake topper (go Jack & Sally go), a new calendar (just because) and needles (which are a gift for a friend of mine...her birthday is only a few weeks away).

Speaking of Mononica's birthday, we had a loverly chat last night. I recently got her into knitting, and she has been enjoying it (even though she does it in some backassward way that I couldn't understand or explain even if I appears that she goes through the back loops all the time...both knitting and purling). She is very ambitious and has decided (well, decided a while ago...during the weekend of needles) that she wants to make socks. She has been working on the same purse for the last few months, and a dog's sweater (from a library book that she has yet to return) for the last about 3 months. But, I don't doubt that she will eventually make socks. Even though I can see her making one, and being happy and proud of that. (Yeah, I keep telling the boy that if he only had one foot, I would be done his socks by now.) So last night came the discussion of "ok, I know you want yarn for your birthday...what kind and colour? What are you planning on making? What do you want to make that I can supply the yarn for so you have no excuse?" Of course, no straight answer was ever provided...I think I might just take her out with me, and make things easier on myself. I still have a few weeks, so I am not going to worry overmuch...yet.

And last night, lo and behold, I finished the sweater for the boy. The fit is amazing. I still have to do the zipper, but we are going to head out to pick that up tonight.

That is about all...gotta start on the leg warmers for the cheesy ass retro slumber party...really gotta start that soon...I guess the boy's other sock will go back on to the backburner for now...hehe


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