Monday, December 1, 2008

What to Expect...

Wow...going to be a crazy few weeks. Not only do I have the few odds and sods to finish up for the knitting that I am doing myself for Christmas, but I have also volunteered to do some knitting (simple things - hats, mittens, etc.) for my daughter's school's bazaar, as well as some baking for it too.

Nothing major, especially since I had planned on doing a bunch of Christmas baking again this year (remember last year? with all the yummy breads and sweets? yeah, that was good). We are also moving at the end of the month, so have all the packing and such for that.

So much going on. So very much.

But, I have my wedding dress all ordered, so that is one less thing on my plate. All the Christmas gifts that need buying have been bought. Almost everything is taken care of (even the tree is up and decorated)...I think (and hope and pray and will cross my fingers I am right about).

I even have everything for the Naughty Xmas Swap through Ravelry. WEE. Love feeling in control.



Stephanie N said...

Hurray for being prepared! ;)

KnittyBitch said...

Yes ma'am...I am feeling pretty good about it.