Friday, January 8, 2010

Well, um, Happy New Year (less 8 days)

Yeah, I am a bit behind in the new year wishes. But I don't mind. (If you do, so sorry to hear.)

It really and truly has been such a busy past few weeks. My little angel, yet again, broke a pair of glasses on the last day of school. What wonderful luck 2009 had for us! I can honestly say that I am not unhappy to see it go in the least. While it did give me much to be thankful for, I think I would prefer to have a quiet, dull, uneventful year this time.

Our little critters had a blast on Christmas. Am loved all the goodies Santa bestowed upon her:

And Riley, well, he enjoyed the paper...and the boxes:

We actually (somehow) had a relaxing holiday break. Not overly sure how the heck we pulled that one off, but it was great.

Other than that, things have just been motoring along as per the norm. We picked up Am's new glasses yesterday. They are cute as all sin. Little pink wire frames. She no longer looks completely like my clone, but I think I will survive.

And in the world of needles and yarn, I have been having a blast going through my stash. In the last few weeks, I made four staggered rib scarves for the men in my life. Five non-scarf scarves for the ladies in my life. A coffee mug cozie. A matching sleeve to fit my Timmies cups (extra large...I'm a pansy and always find that the cup is too hot).
A second mexican wrestling mask (Brian has been bugging me for one ever since I finished Tony's - and yes, that is Brian in it):

A few hats and booties for my local hospital's preemie group. This sweater which I am now completely and utterly in love with (and not just because of the handsome young man in it):

Who'da thunk he could pull off lime green? I am thinking that I will likely have to make a few more of these, since it took all of about 2 days to make this up, and less than 2 balls of yarn (Bernat Softee Chunky - on sale at Walmart - for those who are interested).

I am currently working on a super sweet sweater for Am (pink and purple...what a shock), which I haven't yet taken any pictures of, and cannot seem to find a link for anywhere. It's just a simple cardi, anywho, with a few zippered pockets.

I also decided that with all this "other person" knitting I have been doing lately, I am finally going to start something for myself. So, hopefully, later today I will be casting on the Militia Coat. Wee...I love something big for myself. (I admit, I haven't been completely altruistic lately...there was a hat for myself, and the coffee related stuff.)

Anywho, little man is calling. Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday time.


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