Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's Not Like You Are Going to Wear It!?!

Well, I am pleased to say that I am rockin' it out as far as knitting is concerned. So far this year (a measley 20 days in) I have completed my tunic (such an awesome thing and I have already worn it to work a few times), a baby blanket (will post pictures soon), and 2 hats. I am also planning out an "I just had surgery and this is my ruby slipper" sock for my dear sweet Frannie. :)

AND, I am over half way through Season 2 of Merlin. Love it! Good thing I am not a die hard Authurian or I am sure I would hate it...but as it is, young Merlin is totally up there with bacon.

But now for my happiest thing. I am getting my deep freezer this weekend!!! Yes, I am that much of a geek that I am super excited about that. I just hate that there are often times these great sales on roasts and other such frozen animal bits, and I can't really "stock up" because we only have the little freezer on the top of our fridge. So I am stuck with only grabbing one or two, and lamenting the fact that I could have gotten 8 or 9 for about $20. And that is soon to be no more.

I love kijiji for the simple fact that you can find some things on there that you wouldn't have ever thought about. I mean, a chest freezer just didn't really occur to me before. I don't know why. We have friends out here with them. But it just didn't occur to me. And then one day, we were at Canadian Tire (there was a coffee maker tragedy in our house...all better now, but it was a rough and scary couple of days), and I saw the little mini freezers (about 3 cubic feet). But good lord...$200. So the one that I found is less than half that price, and 3 times the size. Wee!! And when I was telling the husbeast about the dimensions of it, one of his comments was "but it only comes up to just about my thigh". Um, seriously? Are you planning on wearing the damn thing?

Anywho, I am getting my freezer. Then I am going to start shopping around at the local butchers for the best meat for price deal. :p



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