Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Yarn Yarn Everywhere

Well, I am happy to say that a few days in to my Pinterest driven motivation, and I am still going strong.  I am on the last change of needles for the socks...looking good for me actually getting a pair done.  WEEE!!!  And, the obsession doesn't particularly seem to be held at knitting.  I have been stalking eBay for discounted yarn.  I have found (and bought/bid on) a few different skeins of yarn with specific projects in mind (and one I admit that I just really liked the colours).

I find it rather odd, however, that the two main projects that I am working on (there is a third that I am working afghan that is based on a stitch that my nanny (my grandma) showed me when she was down here visiting...but I know that that is going to be one of those "oh look, I finished it on December 24...just in time for Christmas" things), they are both kinda at that numb stage.  I know the patterns that they both follow.  I am aware of where and when to expect increases and how said increases are worked.  So I am finding myself getting much further on them then I realize in my sleep-deprived, I have a teething 4 month old zoning out.  I look down and it is suddenly one of those "oh, i am on the last repeat of the first leaf pattern" moments.  I like this, really I do.  But without the instant gratification found in bulky yarn projects, it is kinda ticking me off.  I mean, I am further than I realized...further than I thought...but I still have all this to do still?  Really?  How is that fair???

Oh well...such is the life and times of an overly tired, often hormonal and cranky, mother of three with attention issues.  :S

I have also run out of shows to watch.  I hate that.  Totally unrelated to anything else in this post, I know, but it is true.  I fell in love with Terra Nova, only to find out that the first season was also the last and only.  :(  Boo Fox.  And now I am on the last episode of Primeval.  My Doctor is all up to date.  I need more sci-fi shows that are interesting and watchable!  Bah!

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