Thursday, June 26, 2008

Time Flies for an Anal Retentive Person Such as Myself

So I have recently learned a lot about myself. For instance, I am horrendously anal retentive. Much more so than I actually thought I was. I mean, I was fully aware that I had A.R. tendencies, but wow. In the few weeks that we have been engaged, I have already picked my dress out (not ordered, which would be much worse, but picked out), have the ceremony booked and deposit down on it, have the reception hall booked and the deposit down on it, have the invitations done (but no, will not be mailing them for some time), have the bridal party decided and asked (and have our first outing booked), have a dj, decided on a could go on, but it is almost sad. For those who find themselves suffering from A.R., I highly recommend Frugal Bride. Enough lists to make the most detail oriented person happy. :)

I am also much girlier than I thought. I am okay with that, and even I am finding the humor in it. But it is kinda odd. :S

I found out yesterday that, despite my thoughts to the contrary, our work has given us both Monday and Tuesday off. WEEEE!!! So, since my daughter`s daycare is open on Monday, we are dropping her off for a few hours, and partaking in some down and dirty golf. Can`t wait!!

We leave for Nova Scotia in less than 2 weeks. :) Can`t wait. There are some people that I am going to have to try to get in touch with before we leave to see if we can meet up (and yes, I am referring to you Hellcat, if you happen by here).

And finally, tomorrow I get to be engaged My ring was slightly too big. Just a touch. So I had to drop it in on Saturday of last week. So, of course, I have been having a blast this week using the good old standby of I don`t see a ring on my finger with the

Anywho, that is all.



Stephanie said...

Woo! We're gonna bust some shit up! ha ha ha ha ha ha Nova Scotia style!

KnittyBitch said...

damn skippy...hehe