Sunday, January 11, 2009

Catching Up

Woohoo! The first post of the year (and yes, I realize that the year started over a week ago...but this is when I am posting). Good lord is it going to be a busy year. Just as the end of last was crazy busy too.

First and foremost, I hope that everyone had an awesome Christmas. We sure did. So many things that brought such a lovely glow to my little ones face. She got spoiled, which I knew I ended up doing, but it is her last Christmas being an only child, so...

Secondly, tada! We are healthy and growing well.We are now 16 weeks along, and have our next scheduled u/s (the one where we can find out if it is a female sprodling or a male sprodling...WEEE). Only 24 more weeks to

The wedding is now 97 days away. All dresses are ordered and should arrive in the next few weeks. Despite everything else going on, I am feeling like we have everything under control for the wedding. And I am fairly certain we actually do. Starting to get the RSVPs back from people now, so we are actually getting a guest list together. Nice to know people care. :)

And currently working on (and should have finished by the end of the weekend) the retrofit sweater for my workplace husband (a late christmas gift). Here it is (well, a portion of it anyway) all blocked and waiting for sewing:
I also have the inevitable baby's first tattoo sweater that I am just finishing (I have had to put off finishing the last of the sleeves, as I ran out of stitch holders):
And last but not least, to brighten up the place, my daughter and I picked these up last week. They are all blooming now, which is awesome to see the joy in a 5 year olds face that she made that happen:Well, that is all. I hope that everyone had an amazing christmas and new years!

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Stephanie N said...

Awesome! :) God to hear things are coming along nicely :)