Monday, January 19, 2009

Sometimes, you need a good laff

So I recently found out about this lovely blog (rose-kim knits), and good lord some of her things made me laff so hard I am sure that the people I work with thought I had gone a little more insane. Sadly, though, there are some items that make their appearance there that I really, really like.

Kinda like with this gem:

"You're going to love my nuts!!!"

Wow...golden. Of course, in actuality, I want one. This thing looks super cook...and no more crying dicing up onions...

So anywho, in other, completely unrelated news, I have finished the Christmas sweater! Wee!!! Will post pictures later, but yes, it is all done. So happy about that. Finally have my stitch holders back and can finish the sweater for sprodling.

We also went out and got a crib set this weekend. It was on sale for 50% off...couldn't say no. So cute, and non-gendered, so will work either way, once we know what it is.

That is really all (work is calling me back to it).


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