Sunday, May 31, 2009

Finally seeing some progress

Such a good last few days. Seriously, very happy with myself for all that has been accomplished over the last few...and how much others (note: Riley) have accomplished.

So, in the most important of the news's, Riley is still doing great on the high flow. He has been on it for handlings for the last 5 days in a row, and each time they have weened his oxygen down, and he has continued to rock it like a superstar. As of today's hold, he was down to 37/38% and kept himself around 94/95% saturation. Our nurse (our primary) was on today, so she has put in a request that he go to "as long as he can handle" for the high flow. Both yesterday and today, they put him on the high flow before the handlings, so he was on it for longer than just the "one hour during handles" that is currently written in his charts. Today was a busy day for him, too. While he should have had his shots (he is 60 days old already...seriously, how did that happen???), there was no prescription ordered for it, so he will be getting that tomorrow. However, when I got there, Andrea had him flipped to high flow, and we had a bath. He is too big to fit in the salad bowl any more, so they are going to have to move over one of the baths from Level 2 for him. But it was wonderful for me. And look:

Mad Scientist Hair!!!

And while we did our cuddles today, once again we did the NNS. Each time, he has been really good with handling swallowing the milk that releases when he first latches. And today, he actually got about 3-4 good size mouthfuls swallowed. I was so very happy about that (of course, that was in addition to his feed of 58 mls). And the results after 4 swallows and 20 minutes:

He spent the rest of our cuddling time like that...out cold and using his former snack provider as a pillow.

So, the other day my daughter and I went out to the store by our place, and crossed the path of the local thrift shop. It is a small, hole in the wall place, with "Bibles for Missions" written in HUGE letters on the front window. Needless to say, being agnostic, and having had a bad experience of an overly pushy devout woman last time I was in a thrift shop with a religious connection, I was a little iffy, but thought they might have a comfy chair that I could pick up cheap.
Well, I didn't find a chair, but check out the other goodies I stumbled upon (for a total of $9.00):

I plan on making myself a chunky vest with the red. With the other colours (the Sirdar balls), I am planning on making a bunch of hats/booties/mittens for Riley. One of the balls has a purple mixed in, and I am going to make Ammy a new winter hat with that (thinking I might just alter the Aviatrix pattern to fit her head). Speaking of the Aviatrix hat:

Yes, I have finished the second of these hats, and have started on the matching booties.
Tis's late and I have to pump then hit the sack.



Keltie said...

OH my gosh! What a fatty little guy! And I LOVE the hair. Seriously, I just want squeeze him. Post-bath hair is always the best baby hair there is.

I'm so glad to see his gorgeous little face and hear how great he's doing. He really looks like he's thriving. ;)

Stephanie N said...

Yay! A whole post of good news! I can't believe he's 60 days old already either! That's crazy!!!!! :)
Great score on the yarn, too!!!!