Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We are cleared for take off

So last night, I set Riley's new sweater to block, and was kinda wasting time, being very reluctant to work on the second sock for my hubby since I hate doing a second sock (yes, I suffer greatly from one sock-itis), when I stumbled upon the aviatrix baby hat which I saved on Ravelry eons ago. I LOVE THIS HAT. Seriously. I started it last night during my 1:30 a.m. pump, and look...this was it this afternoon:

So adorable (yes, I will be making more and in a multitude of colours), and such a quick knit. I think I have a new favorite for gifties for friends who are expecting.

I have also realized that I horrendously over estimated the size of Riley's sweater, and have enough of the blue wool left over to make a matching pair of pants. Yes sir, I think I will. Am thinking I will alter the pattern to have a sailor's bib, since there is nothing cuter than a baby boy in sailor's pants. :)

On the topic of my little man, we started NNS yesterday. They put him on high flow (which he rocked out at 97-99% saturation the entire time) and let me have at it (or him...hmm...not sure which that would be). Anywho, I was super impressed with our little rockstar, since he got a little bit of milk (it was bound to happen), and didn't freak out or choke, but calmly swallowed and continued on desat, no cough, nothing. Just swallowed and kept on breathing. And good lord does the boy have a good latch. He fell asleep after about 20 minutes, but if I tried to move him away from the nipple, he would immediately start sucking again just so he could stay...then would promptly fall back asleep.

AND, since he did so well on the high flow, they are going to start putting him on it at least 2 times per day for one hour periods, just to get him used to it. From there, they will try to change it up and get him on low flow for one holding, and high flow for the other. Right now, they are happy that he is able to handle it without the constant pressure provided by the CPAP.



Keltie said...

HAPPINESS about the nursing success! That's so good to hear. I'm sure you know about my frustrations (to put it mildly) with the breastfeeding. Essie won't latch and if she accidentally does she acts like something awful just happened, the dizzy baby.

It's also good that the breathing issues are finally going forward! I can hardly wait to see photos of him without his headgear. :)

Stephanie N said...

SUCH good news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!