Saturday, August 29, 2009

Soon to be with 100% More Husband

Yes, I has been a while. I have been slacking off on updating over the last few weeks. But come on, I am fully justified. Look at the wedding countdown clock beside this...seriously...check that out. Depending on when you are reading this, I am a few hours away from my wedding. I think I am allowed a little bit of time away from the big event.

So yes, that is really all that is new.

I have finished my socks for the wedding. I will post pictures when I can, cuz I just haven't even bothered to load them up on the computer yet.

Also, we got a new monitor for Riley. So far (touch wood) he is doing wonderful with the trial off oxygen. Seriously...really good!

Well, that is really all I have the thought control to write. I am suffering from a touch of ADD at the moment. I guess eventually I need to sleep (especially given that I will be up at about 5:30 with the little man for feeding...and have to stay up since the day is going to start very early tomorrow morning).



Anonymous said...

Hurray for weddings and getting married! :)

lulubelle said...

Congrats honey, can't wait to see the pics!