Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Oh Whoa

So, this morning we have our first of many specialist follow ups down at Sick Kids hospital. Fun fun fun. And what makes it more fun, you may be asking yourself, since the drive down to Toronto through horrible traffic for someone who hates downtown driving might not be enough for you? Well, there is the fact that right on our referral form it clearly states "please be prepared to wait at least 2 hours". Um? What? Why not just book me an appointment 2 hours later than the one that I have been given, and actually, I don't know, let me in at that time?

I suppose that would be too easy.

Anywho, we are off to the immunology clinic today. They want to check him out before we meet with the surgeon next week to make sure that the urachal sinus hasn't caused him any additional problems or been the cause of any additional problems. So I suppose it is a necessary evil.

This month is just going to be one of too much. I have that appointment today; Ammy's 6th birthday on Friday (6...when the hell did that happen???); her birthday party on Saturday; Monday is our meeting with the reception hall director and cook; Tuesday Tony is heading down to Buffalo for a prize pack thing that he won which includes him going to the Bills training camp for the day while I take Riley to his surgery clinic appointment; the following Monday is Ammy's annual physical with Riley's pediatric follow up on the Tuesday; that Friday the out-laws fly in; and, of course, the wedding on Saturday. Yeah, it's going to be a little busy.

There are still a thousand and one things that need to be done for the wedding which is, as you can see from the countdown, 16 days away...and I have no clue when I will be able to get to them all. I finally finished the favors, but still need the tags for them. I also still need to get the centrepieces and all the flowers. :S I think I should make a list.

Anywho, off to my waiting period. :)


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