Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Madness, I Say

Yeah, that is sort of how the last week or so has felt. Unfortunately, both my daughter and I got the flu last week. What a write off! I was horrible, but in typical motherly fashion, recovered after about 2 days of being completely useless. Thankfully, Riley managed not to get it (both Ammy and I avoided him like the plague during the first few days, and after that, I wore a mask and made sure to wash my hands about every 5 minutes or so). So, needless to say, my birthday went by very quietly. I spent the day and night at home with my little ones, catching up on some Christmas knitting.

So far, I have these done:

They are my little non-scarf scarves (Fourteen, by name). I am in lourve with this thing. Not only is it a quick knit, but it is really warm and comfy.

I also got around to doing/finishing a few other things while I had nowhere to go and nothing else to do:
Sheldon (the cutest little turtle):

New hat:

There are a few other odds and sods, but I haven't really gotten around to completely finishing them (i.e. they still need the ends weaved in...lawd how I hate weaving in ends).

Oh, and in very exciting news, last Tuesday, Riley's belly button fell off!!! Yes, this was a super exciting thing (7+ months in the making). It also means that he won't have to go for surgery for the urachal sinus, since it is no longer causing any problems. We are still waiting for urology to get back to us, as well as the infant development centre, but at the moment, things are looking up (touch wood). And we are now down to a somewhat normal regime of appointments. We have monthly RSV clinic from now until April, and our regular family doctor appointments (yes, we got him switched over), but other than that, I don't think we have any more crazy 6 appointments in 8 days type of weeks any time soon.

Well, off to make Christmas shopping lists (we are heading out to the samko meiko warehouse thing this weekend). Wish us luck with that. :S


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