Friday, October 30, 2009

Oh My

Well, it has been an eventful week, if nothing else.

Monday afternoon, I finally went for a very much overdo root canal. It wasn't fun. I didn't enjoy it. But, I can actually bite down now without pain or fear of food getting caught in there and disturbing the nerve. Amazing how nice of a feeling that is. Absolutely amazing. I love our new family dentist. He has done more with our family in the last month than the previous one ever did. Not that she didn't recommend referring us to specialists for routine items for EVERYTHING (with the exception of cleaning...but seriously, sending my child to a specialist for a cavity??? why???).

Anywho, so there was that. Then, on Tuesday, we went for Riley's VCUG (voiding cysto-urethrogram). A VCUG is a test that uses an x-ray and contrast medium to show what happens when a person urinates. Our surgeon requested this test in order to ascertain whether the umbilical tube which is currently connected to his bladder is filling with fluid, or whether it is clear. Well, the tube is clear. It appears to be sealed off from his bladder. HOWEVER, in the course of this test, we discovered that after flushing fluid into the bladder, his kidneys are refilling with urine from the bladder. I don't know the full extent of this, but for the moment it appears to be something that is manageable. He doesn't appear to be in any pain, and it certainly doesn't seem to affect how many wet bottoms he has. We are adding a urology team to the group of doctors that Riley is collecting. :S

On Wednesday, we had our follow up with the Immunology Department at Sick Kids. They took a lot of blood, both from Riley and I, and took a whole lotta notes. We go back in March, since some of the tests they are running take a long while to develop. And, since there has been so much back and forth with respect to the H1N1, and since I can't get a hold of my pediatrician to save my life, I kinda figured that they would likely be the best qualified to answer whether it was right for my family, given our situations, medically speaking. And they want us all to get it. Mainly, they want Riley and I to. But, since we are getting it, figured that getting it for Ammy and the man wouldn`t hurt. Plus, with the number of things currently going around Ammy`s school, I feel comfortable with her getting it. (Especially considering that 7 days before symptoms show, those infected are contagious - two of my nieces who I don`t see often have it, and this is what their doctor informed them of.)

And here is where I am in a bit of a bind. So I got home and called our pediatrician...every 15 minutes...for 3 hours. No answer. No voicemail where I could leave a message and be contacted back. Nothing. Again yesterday - from 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (with the exception of the answering machine I reached at 12:10 informing me that they were on lunch and the machine could not take messages)...and again no answer. I finally got pissed off and called our family doctor. They have no problem in giving us the shots, so we go in first thing on Monday for them. Even though my son is not their patient. Yeah, I am thinking that I am going to transfer him over, too. I understand the whole wanting someone who is experienced with children thing. I seriously do. But Riley has a huge team of specialists for everything that is going on. He is no longer on oxygen. Hell, our pediatrician refused to take any responsibility regarding Riley`s oxygen. So in short, we go there, he weighs him, measures him, gives him shots. We book the next appt., and that is it. And apparently, if this last week is any indication, if he gets sick before his next scheduled appointment, I am up poop creek without a paddle because no one answers the damn phone there.

Ok, venting done. Sorry, but that does bother me. What would happen if my son was sick with something (like any sort of virus at the moment, of which all viruses are huge red flags waving over him in the eyes of the Immunology Dept., since his immune status is completely unknown)...what for a month until our next appointment comes around (and no, I am not stupid enough to leave my child sick because they won`t answer their phone).

Okay kidlings, that is all. Hope you all have a safe, happy and wonderful Halloween.


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