Thursday, May 20, 2010

Seeming to be on the ball...

Yes, it really seems like I am. Or rather, that we are. There are definite changes going on...everything from the supremely non-family friendly truck being sold (YAH!!!) to having a doctor lined up to take over our care.

I am so happy that things are going smoothly (touch wood...and then touch it again for good measure). It feels as if our lives for the past year have been one giant game of snakes and ladders...we get a little bit ahead, only to slide back past where we were in the first place. But it seems like it is all working out with this. I mean, yes, we have had a few hiccups along the way, but all in all, it seems to be going along great.

We have our appointment now for getting our family picture done. I am excited about this. I have never had a family portrait done...well, at least not since I was a kid. But nothing that has my family in it.

Yesterday was a super productive day. But man, are my legs sore. I walked so very, very much. And then walked some more. I suppose that I should get used to that, since that is going to be my life from here on out. But still, made for some very sore me. Nothing that a long soak in the tub couldn't fix, though.

And I did manage to get some work done on a scarf that is now overdue. (Ok, I realize that winter is still months away...but it is overdue in the sense that it was a birthday gift, and that birthday has passed.)

Anywho, I suppose I must get back to this work type of stuff that I am expected to do.


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