Wednesday, February 27, 2008

L'il (not so red) Riding Hoodie

So, because I don't quite have enough on my plate between the moving, prepping for a housewarming party, work, motherhood, cat ownership, knitting 3 sweaters, a blanket and a cape, I have started yet another sweater (this one for myself). I have been thoroughly frustrated with the damn sleeves on the Cobra sweater, so that has kinda moved to the back burner until such time as I can figure out what to do with them without the sweater looking absolutely ridiculous. The two other sweaters are both small ones, so really, I am not overly worried about them. The cape, well, that one is coming along, but given how plain the pattern is, I have found that I am not overly eager to do it all the time. And, well, since I have had Domaknitrix sitting in my knitting basket, taunting me, haunting me, for almost 2 months, I had to crack her open and give her a spin.

So, as I have a great affection for hoodies, the L'il Red Riding Hoodie fit the bill. Yes, I didn't do it in red, however I am loving how easily this is knitting up, and there is a good likelihood that I will end up doing this pattern again in a few colours...or incorporate the design as indicated in the pattern itself. Who knows...only time will tell.

In the meantime, tada:


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