Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Where I've Been

So, some of you may have noticed that I have been a little AWOL from, well, everything over the last little while. Sadly, I have been experiencing some problems with this pregnancy.

In the beginning of February, shortly after discovering that we are expecting a little boy, I was informed I had complete placenta previa, which is what was causing minimal bleeds to occur randomly. Was told to take it easy for a few days, but that I was ok to return to work. That lasted about 2 days. On February 13, I suffered a fairly strong bleed, and ended up being admitted for observation at the hospital. I was released the following day, with orders that I was on bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy. I was also informed at that time that my placenta had moved slightly, so the likelihood of my needing to have a c-section was minimal. GREAT! I wasn't particularly looking forward to a c-section.

Everything was fine...for a few weeks. The last week of February, the 26th to be exact, I awoke with another bleed. Stayed calm, got my daughter off to school, and got myself up to the hospital. The OB that was here that day requested another ultrasound, which showed that the assessment of placental movement was incorrect. Still complete previa. And the little guy's movements were causing the bleeding. However, since it seemed that it had slowed, and we had a reason for the bleeding, I was released to home bedrest.

2 days later...

This time, I was kept at the hospital for several days. Due to the bleeding, my iron was very low. They got me stabilized, and on March 4, I was released again, with an appointment to see the high risk specialist the following Monday.

Monday's appointment never came. Not even 24 hours later, and I suffered another bleed. I have been a resident of the hospital since then.

The original plan was to keep me until Sunday, when I could be given celestone (sp?), which is a steroid to mature the baby's lungs. After both doses (it is a 2 dose, 24 hours apart medication), they would contact critical care to have me placed in a level 3 high risk centre until I hit 28-30 weeks, when they would be better able to aide the baby here. My dr. granted me a day pass for the Saturday, so that I could spend time with my family. Unfortunately, I awoke on Saturday around 5 a.m. to massive bleeding. There was great fear that for my own health and safety, they may have had to deliver that day. Thankfully, the bleeding settled. And the other half brought my daughter to spend time with me.

My drs are not expecting the pregnancy to last much further than 30 weeks (which puts it around the same time of our original wedding date). Only about 5 and a half weeks to go. That also puts it approximately 10 weeks early.

The level 3 centres are currently very busy and do not have a bed available. Since we are currently (touch wood) ok, I don't mind staying here...closer to home. At least I can see my friends and family. And most importantly, I can regularly see my daughter. She has been so very wonderful through all of this. Obviously, she doesn't know the ins and outs of what is going on, but understands that Mommy is sick, and Mommy and the baby are staying with drs. to get better.

Each day, the little one is getting stronger. We are currently 24 weeks and 3 days. His current chances of being born with no major problems is 20-40%. These problems include blindness, respiratory problems, digestive problems, etc. When he hits 25 weeks, that percentage rises about double. 28 to 30 weeks is about when the risks for major problems lowers, and the baby's size becomes the more prevalent issue.

Well, that is all. Yes, that is more than enough. But there you have it.

Hope all is well.



Stephanie N said...

Oh sweetie-I hope everything goes well!!!!!!!!!!!! Take care of yourself :(
And after my 2 trips to the er this past week I sympathize with your being in there-it really sucks :( Get a lot of reading or knitting done if you can and maybe it will be over sooner than you think!

Adriana said...

You poor thing! That's so scary! I hope that you and your little boy are ok. You are in my thoughts.

Shannon said...

wow that is some crazy stuff. I can't imagine having to go through that. I hope everything turns out well and you can carry the little guy to 30 weeks! Good luck to you!

KnittyBitch said...

Thanks everyone. Sadly, since I am required to maintain an IV lock, my ability to knit has gone downhill (they move the thing every 72 hands and wrists are shot).

And thank you for the kind and warm thoughts.

moonfire photography said...

You guys will be in my thoughts and prayers! XOXOXOX