Friday, March 27, 2009

Busy Beaver

First and foremost, at the moment, I am home. Have been for a week (didn't want to jinx it). So very much happy to have my "house arrest" commuted back to my own home. When I first got put on this restrictive bed rest, I hated it...with a passion. But, after spending a few weeks in the hospital...a strange bed, with strange noises and strange people coming in and out all the time...I have to admit that being home in my own bed, in my own place, is a pretty sweet deal. There is still minimal bleeding going on, and still getting contractions and cramping a fair amount, but we have 8 days until my baby boy hits 28 weeks, which is when a lot of the complications begin to dissipate and he has a survival rate of over 80%. And yes, this is a great relief.

I have also been very busy, in a knitting and catching up on TV sort of way. I did several preemie hats for the NICU while I was at the hospital, however without access to a camera, failed to capture any photos. :( Pity, but I am sure that I will make a few more, since it is likely that I will need them.

Also have finished the following for my little angel:

Am currently working on a tank top for myself, post-baby belly. Not very far into it, so really not that exciting...but hopefully won't take too long. Still have a bunch of things that I need to finish, but baby stuff, and kiddie stuff, is just too much fun. (Plus, I love sitting outside right now, as we bought my daughter a two-wheeler bike on the weekend, so the hubby takes her out back, where I can watch too!)

Oh, and speaking of baby belly, this is what 9 lbs. looks like:

On TV catch up news, I have found an excessively interesting show (if you like odd shows like confessions of a call girl) on HBO...Cathouse. Killed myself laffing at it the other day. Of course, even stranger that I followed it up with ZOS, which is pretty much kill kill kill, fight fight fight. :S

Have a wonderful weekend planned of breaking out the teaching skills...having another session of let's teach batgirl to cook and knit. (One of my good friends, who I have named batgirl, doesn't know how to cook...or knit. The knitting, understandable...but how the hell do you make it 26 years and not know how to cook? Especially when you have a small child??? So, the last few times that she has come over, I have prepped food (i.e. defrosted and gotten the ingredients and so forth), but made her cook - with supervision. Going to have her make a crock pot stew this time, I am thinking. Easy, we have the ingredients here, and I can supervise with minimal effort from the couch. Plus, it is super easy, and she thinks she was given a crock pot once, so she *might* be able to make it at home if she tries.)

Also get to see my mononica...lurve that girl. She is coming over some time this weekend to keep me company and to put me to work doing the door prize things for my shower. WEEE...I like feeling useful.



Stephanie N said...

Glad you are doing better and are close to your safety date!!!!!!!!! Keep taking er easy and keep knitting ;)

Keltie said...

I hope you don't mind a random comment from a stranger! I had my baby girl at 28 weeks on March 3rd at Women's College Hospital (I had preeclampsia) and loved that place! The entire staff was amazing and kind and made things so much easier for me.

Thanks so much for knitting hats for the NICU. I love seeing my little girl in those knitted hats, especially since they make the CPAP more comfortable.

I hope that things continue to go well for you and your baby and that you stay in good health!

KnittyBitch said...

No worries...strangers don't scare me. :) I have a few friends who feel the same, both as you and as me. I think that for me, personally speaking, I just had a very bad experience there. I am sure that if I had a different dr., or different staff, it would have made all the difference in the world.

Good luck, and I hope your little girl is doing well.

Keltie said...

I did have bad experiences with a couple of people there, but I think if I'd have been in your situation I'd have felt the same way as you. Forced bedrest with nothing to do but wait around would drive me nuts. I was up constantly visiting my daughter and they were trying to rush me out of the place, it seemed! I'd have gone home much sooner if my blood pressure had gone down faster.

Thanks for the well wishes!