Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Update on the Saga

So here I am, now located at Women's College Hospital High Risk Unit. Yesterday, we underwent a new ultrasound:

Everything appears to be fine, and it seems that the pieces that were falling out, the bits of placenta, have caused enough damage to render me no longer previa. So natural birth might be an option now. (This is wonderful news since I really didn't want to go through a c-section.)
Sadly, though, despite the bleeding having pretty much stopped now, the one OB specialist here doesn't want to send me home without finding out what is causing the bleeding to continue. And what is causing the cramping. So, until he has the answers to this, or I am beyond 32 weeks, he doesn't want me to leave. Yes, I think I will end up leaving AMA. Not because I am a bitch, but simply because I want to go home. If I am going to sit around doing nothing with nothing happening, I would rather be in my own bed, surrounded by my family.
I just want to go home.



Adriana said...

Love (1 million)!!

Good luck

KnittyBitch said...

Thanks...and yes, I am home. When the "specialist" came in to speak with me, he was contradicting himself, and for various things that he seemed to have no answer for, he simply stated "well, there are things that happen in pregnancy that we just can't explain". Not good enough. Not to mention that things I had been told previously by other drs he was saying did not happen, meanwhile these other drs had been there for the occurrences of. hmm...who am I going to believe??

Stephanie N said...

Oh honey-I hope things start looking up for you-I hate to think of you being tested and hospitalized and all that :( It really sucks :(
Thinking of you!