Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'd Update More, but I have better things to do right now

Wow...does that sound mean or what? It's not. But I do have better things. My time right now is somehow split between spending the days with my boy down at the hospital, spending my evenings with my girl at home, spending my nights with the big boy at home, spending the wee hours of the morning waking to subject myself to the horrible yellow monster known as my medela, and somehow fitting in a nap every so often.

I actually have been able to get some knitting done too. I am about 3/4s of the way done my lilian top (wee!!! can't wait for the weather to be nice enough that I can actually wear it, too). I am planning on making a bunting bag with car seat space (for the seatbelt to fit into) next. Can you guess who this is for???

I'm currently working on a cross stitch birth announcement for my boy, too. I did one for my darling daughter when she was born, and haven't really done one in a few years, but thankfully it is one of those easy things that once you know what you are doing, you are set.

I will post some pictures of both of these when I have the time to take a picture that is half decent (currently they are not turning out so well...thinking I might need to try to get a few more of those nap things mentioned before in order to function in a normal manner...just a thought).

So, on to one part of the "better things to do", Riley is doing great. He has really started to root now whenever we hold him (he has no discretion...goes after the other half's nipples just as often as he goes after mine). Whenever I do kangaroo care with him, he fights and fusses and sets off his saturation alarms until I acquiesce and let him go into a position of his choosing...often being using my boobie as a pillow, and sprawling sideways. But, hey, if he is comfy and settled and not setting off alarms, it is good by me.

Here we are after today's just takes all the energy out of him to move the few inches to the left or right:

His current weight is sitting at 1350 grams (11 grams to 3 lbs). They redid the ultrasound on his head this morning, too. And, due to the grade 2 bleed still being present at the last follow up, they are expecting to get the results back to us tomorrow morning. Our primary nurse is also going to see about starting him on the non-nurtitive nursing this weekend, as he is obviously ready given the rooting. Their only concern is the CPAP. Usually they like for a baby to be off of it. But, since he has done well with the low flow before (and given that his caffeine has been upped, as well as the RT upping his pressure while lowering his oxygen), she is hoping they may agree to putting him on the low flow for those. We shall see. And besides, if not, it is not like my poor nipples aren't receiving enough abuse as it is. (Good lord, I miss the days of having a child attached to them, as opposed to an unforgiving body seems to be on the 3 hour schedule, so the upside is that I don't leak at the sound of a crying child; the downside is that I do leak every time it hits over 3 hours since my last pumping.)

The big little one is doing wonderfully as well. I think we have decided her "it is all about me" day that we are planning on doing with her (since she has been so wonderful in understanding why we all go down to the hospital on the weekends, and why mommy isn't working, but still drops her off at school/daycare and so forth) is going to be spent at the science centre. Damn but the girl is smart. She is completely reading on her own now (although she still does like for us to read to her every once in a while)! She is also starting to understand how to tie her own shoes!

Well, that is about all that is new and exciting in our world. I'm for bed now (just popped on while I had the bottles/shields/etc. sterilizing...if you are expecting, I highly recommend getting one of those microwave sterilizers...they are a godsend).



Stephanie N said...

Of course you have better things to be doing! :)
Glad to hear the little guy is doing better and I can't wait till he's big and strong enough to go home :)

Keltie said...

I LOVE that he's so determined to find his own position. Strong little guy. :)

Also, no apologies necessary for not updating all the time. I can't even imagine what it's like to juggle the NICU visits with having another little one to take care of. Good for you, and definitely fit some naps in there.