Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My little angel

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Today they let me hold my little boy. I was so over joyed at that. He is doing great, too. They started feeding him 2 days ago (1 ml/6 hours). He had gained 30 grams at his weighing yesterday evening (after losing an initial 240 grams), so this was great to hear. And to boot, they have upped his feeding to 2 ml every 2 hours. They are thinking that it might be upped to 3 ml every 2 hours if he continues to respond so well to the feeding.

And I love that the nurses and doctors have decided to let us become much more involved. We are able to change him and clean him, provide him with a soother if he is upset, and, of course, hold him for limited periods of time. We are also now able to help with his feeding.

The only thing that we have hit that *might* be a problem is that he does have 2 small bleeds in his brain. Bleeds are very common, and he has one grade one and one grade two. They are not overly concerned about the grade one, however the grade two may cause an issue. Often times, it is reabsorbed into the brain, however they will be completing another scan on Friday to see if it is getting better, or if they will have to look into putting a shunt into the ventrical.

Otherwise, he is doing great. Did great on the low flow today, and is finally gaining weight.



Adriana said...

You look so happy. I hope that he continues to grow healthy and strong so you can take him home soon.

Keltie said...

Oh, my goodness! He looks adorable and you look so happy holding him. I hope everything goes OK with the bleeds. Are you at WCH? If so, feel free to peek at my girl. She's in room 1 in the level one NICU for the next couple of days at least, just inside the door in the middle. If you're not, I hope you're somewhere closer to home!

KnittyBitch said...

Actually, he is at Mt. Sinai. Love it there. Staff is so wonderful and caring, and have made a lot of friends (you know, you sit there in the pump room with nothing else to do, you end up chatting...same with sitting by the isolets while they are sleeping). Sounds like your little one is doing great...sorry, I keep up...lol...

Keltie said...

As it turns out she's probably moving tomorrow if there's a bed available at St. Mikes! I'm so glad she's finally off the CPAP for good! And Mt. Sinai is where I was supposed to deliver. Glad to hear you're enjoying it! Is your little guy only on low flow? If so that's fantastic!