Friday, April 10, 2009

Welcome to the Kilo Club

Yep, we are officially members of the kilo club. See:

For those who have been through the NICU, you know what this means. And why it would make us so very happy. For those who don't, essentially it means that our little guy is over a kilo, and they are expecting that he will remain that way (their weigh fluctuates during the first few weeks of life...all baby's weight does...but for those who are near or under the kilo mark, making it to one kilo is a huge thing).

Yesterday, I spent the entire day at the hospital with Riley. Tony and Am came by in the evening. We got to spend some great family time...with Ammy asking a thousand and one questions about how he was doing and when she could touch and when he could come home. Of course, after about 30 minutes, this quickly became "when are we going to my cousins?" Meh...can't expect too much, I guess.

Riley was supposed to have his second ultrasound, the follow up regarding the bleeds in his brain, yesterday, however, it was written down as being scheduled for today...which is a holiday. Not sure when it will be done now, but today we were told it wouldn't be until Tuesday. :( I am trying not to worry about that one, but it is hard.

The umbilical line has come out today, too. This will be much more comfortable for him, I imagine, and at the very least, his belly button can heal and he can be placed on his stomach more (which is better for their breathing and digestion and a whole slew of other things).

They have decided that Riley will be put on low flow when being held, and will continue for as long as he is tolerating it well. Today, he was on the low flow for just over 2 hours! Unfortunately, he had two episodes with the heart rate (not the saturation levels - which is a great thing in and of itself), so they decided not to stress him out and put him back on CPAP. But, for being only 10 days old, over 2 hours on the low flow is awesome.

And, since it is only fair, here is proud papa with his little man:

Well, that is all for now. Hopefully things will continue to progress as well as they have been. His feeding is now up to 10 ml/2 hours...only 6 more til he is at the level they want...and with him being upped every 8 hours, and with how well he is tolerating it, I can't see it being a problem to get him up there.

In art related news, I have picked up the sweater I started prior to his birth. I haven't had the energy or mental fortitude to take it up since then. But, today, I finally started doing it again. WEE!!! I was somewhat surprised that my fingers haven't forgotten what to do.

I also started working on a birth record cross stitch for Riley. We bought it a while back, but I hadn't started it, as he wasn't expected until June. So, I have decided to start that...(I did one for Ammy too when she was born). Should be something to keep me occupied when waiting for family visits (on the weekends, when the other half is done work, we all head down for about an hour or 2...but since there are only so many times that I can rearrange his room, and everything else is fairly clean, there isn't much to do here except go crazy).



Keltie said...

I'm so impressed with him tolerating the low-flow like that! My girl was never really on low-flow. Just once that I know of. They basically just started cycling her off the CPAP without using anything else. Now she's off it completely, though, and very glad not to be wearing the CPAP hat any more.

Congrats on Riley's progress! I'm so glad he's putting on weight and tolerating his feeds. I'll be sending good vibes and well wishes for the ultrasound results!

Stephanie N said...

That is so awesome :) I'm glad he's doing so well!!!