Sunday, July 19, 2009

Riley's Shorts

Riley's shorts are done:

I made these to fit a 16" waist. Depending on the yarn and needles you use, you can alter this size, but I have found that 16" gives a good bit of give, but not so much that they are falling off his little behind. I have also measured these to fit around a size 1 diaper. As promised, here is the pattern:


Loops and Threads Baby Sport (less than 1/2 a ball)
4mm circular needles (16")
Buttons (optional)


Cast on 92 stitches. Work 7 rows in stockinette stitch.

Set up for drawstring waist:
At this point, I was able to connect the two sides on the circular needle without a problem. So, join in the round and k one round. Work 2 rounds in stockinette stitch.

K26 st, cast off 2 st, k to end.
K26 st, cast on 2 st, k to end.

K 2 rounds.

Pattern on front of shorts:
K26 st, p20 st, k27 st
Repeat this round for 2 inches (or however long, depending on how far you want the pattern to go - or you can choose to completely leave off the purling if you want something plain and simple).

Work in st st until piece measures 5.5" from the turning round.
K36 st. (You may wish to place a marker after this stitch.)
Kfb, K44 st, kfb. Place sts to marker on holder. (These make up the legs.)
P row.
Kfb first st, k to second last stitch, kfb.
P row.
Repeat the above pattern to 62 st.
Work 8 rows in st st.
Work 6 rows in garter st.
Bind off.

Pick up 46 sts from holder and repeat leg same as other.

Make Icord (I chose to make mine with 2 stitches cast on.)

Sew crotch seams together (increases along legs). Sew leg seams together. Sew split before turning row together. Fold over and sew drawstring in place.

Affix any decorations (i.e. buttons at corners of pattern).


Feel free to ask/comment/etc., if you have any questions.

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Keltie said...

I don't knit, but those look great! I love the colour, too.

Also, this is one of the cutest pics of Riley ever. Is he ever growing up!