Wednesday, July 29, 2009

For Times Like These

So in the update section of this blog, Riley is doing grand. We had his ped appointment yesterday. He is doing wonderful. 10 lbs 10 oz. Such chubby little goodness. He's been home for almost 3 weeks now. And life is so much better for it. I will admit that I was scared poopless being on my own and taking both kids plus Riley's oxygen tank out of the house. Terrifying. But I did it. Ammy is such a wonderful ball of goodness and such a great big sister.

I can honestly say that I don't mind having the extra worry about the sleep/breathing thing. I mean, all parents worry when their infants are sleeping so completely and totally soundly that you are not entirely sure if they are still breathing. For us, it is a little more so, given that he is prone to pulling his nasal prongs off his face. But, we have adjusted (I have found that I can function pretty darn well with about 3-4 hours sleep per day - of course, I feel very full body stoned most of the time, and good lord you don't want to see me if I haven't chucked at least one coffee in me, but still...). Next week, when our RT (Lesley), whom I adore by the by, comes for his weekly check up, she will be bringing a sat monitor with her. Tuesday will be spent monitoring Riley with it, and Wednesday we get to do a 48 hour trial with him completely off the oxygen. No more juggling him and his oxygen tank! Woohoo!

He's such a wide eyed and alert little guy. Seriously. And the head control. I mean, I know that I am supposed to treat him as if he were a 4 week old, but it is damn difficult to do when he is able to do all these wonderful things.

Another perfect example of his "no way that I can treat him as a 4 week old" thing is that he actually holds his bottle. To explain, Riley does wonderful with breast feeding. But, his latch is so damn strong. Unfortunately, my poor nipples are cracked and have been seeping occasionally. I have had to start pumping and bottling him, since the pump (sadly) is more gentle to my nipples than he is. Hopefully they will heal up within the next few days, and I can let him back on, but as it is right now, I physically can't. But, as I mentioned, when I make him a bottle, he will hold it himself. Needs help, but has his hands wrapped right around it. Seriously, what 4 week old could do that?

In knitting (and plain other) news, I have started working on a shawl for the wedding. I know, I know...I started making stockings. But I kinda realized that wool stockings for an August wedding was just not the best use of my skills. I have almost done the stockings. Just need to cuff them. But I have decided to interrupt that project by making a shawl which I will actually use at the wedding. It's coming along great. I, unfortunately, don't have any pictures of it just yet, but will do so shortly.

And, as I mentioned in a previous post, I bought myself a drop spindle. Ta da:

I am thinking I will use the varigated yarn for a nice thick pair of mittens for myself. Just cuz.

I also purchased the following beauty:

I really enjoyed making the yarn. It was fun and interesting and I love that I am going to be making something for myself with yarn I made myself. So, since I found this on craigslist, and it is at a steal of a price, I figured "what the hell". :)

In other wedding news, the boys parents are going to be able to make it. There was some question as to whether they would be able to make it out here for it, and I know that much as he was being all "I understand, you know, the cost and time and so on", he was really kinda upset that they weren't going to be there. I mean, come on...the entire reason we aren't eloping is because he wanted his parents there.

Anywho, that is about all.



Keltie said...

OK, so I'm reading your woes about breastfeeding and I'm actually laughing, but in a rueful, groaning kind of way. It's so opposite what Essie and I went through in that she wouldn't latch at ALL. These kids, man. Sorry to hear about having to pump, still. I know exactly how much that sucks!

The head control and hand control must be a preemie thing since they have more time to develop them than full-termers. I've noticed the same thing about Ess with the head, and I remember reading about how during Kangaroo Care that Riley would fuss until he found his own position, just like she did.

Crossing my fingers for you at the upcoming 48 hour off-oxygen trial! I was going to say 'holding my breath' but it seemed wrong!

KnittyBitch said...

Ok, that thought (the hold your breath one) never even occurred to me, and I must say that I sat here laffing for about 5 minutes solid when I read it. Since he has come home, it is easier to see the funny side in things.

And, a friend of mine has actually recommended getting silk shields to help with his oh so strong latch. If those don't work, I am thinking I might have to look at putting him on formula. Darn kidlings!

Keltie said...

Hmm, I never even thought to recommend nipple shields for your situation. The silicone kind, I mean. I know they're used for babies who don't have a good latch, but it seems to me that they'd be helpful for a strong latch that does damage, too. I think you can get them at Babies R Us, although they're hard to find. Our lactation consultant gave us a couple at the hospital so I'd be willing to bet your LC would too.

And if he goes on formula, he goes on formula. Like you said on my blog; the most important work for the breastmilk is done, and he had it when he needed it most. Essie is THRIVING on formula now, so I don't doubt Riley would too. (We buy the President's Choice brand; it's ten bucks cheaper and is exactly the same thing as the pricier stuff.)

And hooray for seeing the funny side of things! I know just what you mean about it being easier when they're home. :)