Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Walking In A Winter Wonderland

Holy delay batman! Sorry, this past week has been one of catch up. But all I gotta say is wow. Just wow. We had such an amazing weekend. Our little person is, of course, the one who took up the most room for the trip to Granny and Grampa's, but such is to be expected, I suppose.

We arrived just in time for check in (4:00 p.m.), and it was beautiful. There was snow on the ground, but it was relatively warm. The cabin was so picturesque:

And this is what greeted us in our room:

The place was so amazingly beautiful. So quiet. We had birds on our deck...even in the snow. From our deck, we overlooked the water. Complete with an ice rink, an igloo (impromptu memento from kidlings who had been up the week before) and an ice fishing hut. The weather was amazing, too. Absolutely everything was amazing about the place. (Yes, I need a thesaurus.)

The hardest part of the cabin to leave:

And I got to go snow shoeing!!!! It was amazingly fun. I thought that we had only been out for about 20-30 minutes...we had been out for 1.5 hours! It was great. And there were so many stars! I was in heaven. But damn did my legs hurt afterwards. And that is why I loved coming back to a jacuzzi tub. So nice. And probably saved my legs (and the rest of me, for that matter). Here's one of the only pictures of the two of us out of course, it was after we both made snow angels after dropping while shoeing:

Saturday we had a pretty relaxed day...went out for a walk, skated (I hadn't been in about 14 years...and it didn't help my nerves any that some lady had fallen the night before, so there was a hefty patch of blood on the ice), went to a small yarn shop (yes, my hubby knows me so damn well) and went out ice fishing. That evening, after a nap (a NAP!!!), we went tubing. That was great. It was pure ice. And since it was, there were very few people there. In the course of 2 hours, we went down at least 30-40 times. And fast. The manager clocked us at 80 kms. Weeee! (To those interested, yes, my tailbone was bruised and swollen from hitting the ice...apparently I am light and the guys there were physically lifting me up to spin me down the hill.)

Sunday we were greeted with our much missed little ones (who barely registered that we were gone) and a nice family meal. It seems that they were bigger when we got back:
...and one just wouldn't stay still.

All in all, the weekend was phenomenal.

So, what is new in the world of knitting, you may ask (or you may not, in which case, I am going to tell you anyway)?

Well, this is the wonderful sock yarn that I picked up while up north:

It's like halloween in yarn form!

I'm still working on my Zelda, but I did manage to get some work done on it:

My current addiction, Midsomer Murders, is helping with getting some of my knitting done (I am doing a few smaller things that require little to no thought...and only one colour at a time), so poor Zelda keeps moving to the back burner. :(

Well, hope everyone is doing well...


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