Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Drumroll Please

That's right...two more medals for little KB.

I also have finished all the knitting for my long neglected cardigan. The sleeves are currently drying and I will be sewing them on later today. Then...dare I say it...the cardi will be complete. (I already bought these sweet wood buttons from, of all places, the convenience store across the road.)

I am thinking, since I now only have left the OpArt blanket left (seriously, only one WIP...what is that???), I am going to start the designing of Riley's sweater. That should be a fun one.

For all the knit-like-type-people out there, you may find this interesting. My nan and I are pretty close. We talk at least once a week (she is a snowbird). The other day, I got a call from her completely out of the blue (usually we talk Sunday afternoons). Her first (and only) question when I answered the phone: "What gauge do you get when you knit Riley a sweater in yarn that's a 4?" She had just casted on a sweater and it seemed a little off. So she asks me the average gauge that I use on a sweater for Riley, and we had this long conversation with me converting her gauge based on other items I have made for Riley. Definitely one of our more interesting conversations.

In other news, I finally got my new stroller. Ever since Riley has grown out of his car seat (which was a long while back), I have had a huge hate on for our stroller. It is big, bulky, awkward, and I have to split in two pieces to get it to fit in the trunk, where it then takes up all the space in the trunk. HATE. IT. So I have been looking around for a new one. Wanted a good one, with a basket and cup holder for me, and 5 point harness and reclining for Riley. Those were really my only requirements. I looked around, read opinions, etc., etc. I finally found one the other day that I really liked. I like the colour (red), I liked the look of it, I loved how easily it maneuvered. It was wonderful. (For those who are interested, it is the Bily Kingston Stroller - oddly I couldn't really find anything about it, despite looking high and low, except that Bily stands for Because I Love You.)

It was a fair price ($70, on sale from $110 - go Zellers go), and folds up pretty compactly. It feels very sturdy, and Riley loved the one I put him in at the store. The assembly was pretty easy (the wheels and brakes...that's all...just the wheels and brakes), so it took no time at all, relatively speaking.

Then I noticed this:

Does anyone else notice the phallic nature of the handles? I mean, ok, I understand they were going for a cute "antennae" sort of handle, but come on! Did no one notice this during production? (and yes, I am going to have to knit some ribbed handles...lol...)

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