Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Shiny New Kobo

After packing several boxes of books (and donating several more boxes to the library), I sucked it up today and got a Kobo eReader. Not that I need to be fancy. Or that I liked spending money. Especially in the inevitable face of our move. But as a parting gift, I had several friends gift me with cards from Chapters. All tolled, I ended up with $125 in gift cards. So that put the cost of the device at $43. AND, since it has the ability to support ePUB files, and I can easily convert the thousand and one lit files that I never have time for into ePUB files, it seemed like a good investment.

And so far, I am loving it.

Plus, it is something nice and small that I can make a knitting project for myself tide me over until I have all my knitting utensils back at hand.

Bah...I hate moving.


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