Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Today My Hair Looks Marvelous!

Not really, it does!

And while I do rock like Christmas in July, I am not just being conceited.

The reason why my hair looks so divine today? Because I am chopping it all off. My hair is pretty sick and twisted. It spends the majority of it's time being all angry and large and in the I usually just tie it back and try to minimize the shame it is attempting to foist upon me. Eventually, I realize that no matter how much I try to bribe it with fancy haircare products and tempting offers of oil treatments and leave in conditioners, it just ain't going to work with me.

So yesterday I called my hair guy. We have an appointment for 6:30 tonight. He's taking away the dead, the decietful, the angry largeness, and replacing it with a manageable, loving, healthy 'do that will accentuate my stunning features and bring a loving light to my eyes.

And what does my hair do? It decides that it will try to buy itself more time. I wake up this morning and it is all pretty pretty. The curls look wonderful instead of frizzy and sleep deprived. It is doing exactly what I want. It isn't subverting the clips meant to hold it back from stabbing me in the eyes repeatedly. In fact, it is staying away from the general face area without any outside help at all. You see, it knows. It knows that it's time can be counted in hours. It is trying to stop the inevitable. It is making me feel sexy and all RAWR-y. Go get 'em, Tiger, is what it is secretly whispering in my ear.

And if I bought into it's lies? I would wake up tomorrow looking like a q-tip.

Sometimes, I hate the double-life leading hair I have.


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