Thursday, October 11, 2007


So, I am currently covering the lunch break of our receptionist. I have found that I have a whole new level of respect for receptionists since starting this. (There are three girls in our office, and we all take turns covering the lunch.)

I have only filled in for her a few times, however I have had people become very disgruntled because I cannot magically tell them what time others in the office will be back, or know where they are, or know why they are not waiting around for their call. I have suffered utter boredom sitting around here doing nothing...absolutely nothing...for the entire time that I am here. I have had to attempt to make coffee, answer the phone, transfer calls, provide directions and make copies of documents all at once (apparently this is a skill unto itself - for now, I will call it java-call-drive-copy, or JCDC).

Today, however, is one of those days which I have sat here doing nothing. Not a thing. Thankfully, I thought ahead, and sent myself, via external email, of course, the link to a great site with many different hat, mitten and scarfs I have browsed. And I have found a wonderfully simple pattern that I can get my daughter to do (she loves the Knifty Knitter Looms...and oddly enough, can work it pretty good...but so far, we have only had scarfs of the waste bits of yarn I have not used).

Now, if that is not what you call a productive day, I really don't know what is. :)


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