Friday, October 5, 2007

That's Okay Mommy

So, I finally finished the pullover cable knit sweater I was working on for my daughter (can we say lazy??). Yeah, yeah. It was an excessively simple patterns, and really I took much longer than I should have to finish it. But quite frankly, I hate sewing seams....I really do. It is kinda like the dishes...I don't mind washing, I don't mind drying...but lord do I hate putting them away.

So anyways, yeah, the sweater finally made it from Frankenstein mode to actually looking like a sweater last night...complete with all the little hangy bits desperately in need of weaving. So this morning, while she was eating her breakfast, I decided to lay into that nasty little bit...actually, I shouldn't say that. I really don't mind the weaving. It becomes a game..."hide the yarn" player only...and there really is no great prize...ok, I find amusement where I can.

But as I am sitting there weaving in a loose end, my daughter turns to me and says "mama, I am going to wear my new sweater today". "Great babe, but it isn't finished yet". "That's okay. I don't mind".

I suppose blatent disregard for the words I have actually said is slightly better than yesterday's "you don't have to get all up in my face" (yes, apparently my 4 year old ghost white child is aiming to be gangster, yo).

Ah...but now I am down to just the one project...aghast...I will have to go home and change that ASAP.


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