Sunday, October 28, 2007

Et Al....

Here are some of the other projects I am currently working on (or have recently finished).

Here is the AJN hat #2...finished and fitting...

And here is the beginning of another hat (this one is being done with 2 different for softness (Satin) and one for warmth (pure wool). :) Hopefully, it will turn out okay...and

And one last project...I am experimenting with my circular needles. My daughter wanted a longer sweater (one that covered her bum). I have started just such sweater for her...but since I am not entirely sure how long I want it, and all of the patterns that I have been able to find are for regular length sweaters, I am freehanding this project on a pair of #4 circular needles...when I have the length right, I will use a standard sweater patterns for the sleeves and neck...but for now, this works...I hope.

tis all.

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