Thursday, December 27, 2007

happy 2 days after christmas

so the drama and trauma that becomes the holidays is finally over. Wee!!!

My daughter and I spent last weekend baking (she loves to bake, and despite what people think, I am very domestic). See what we made:

This became the majority of gifts that I gave out this year. Yummy goodness!! (There were about 200 cookies in total, 4 banana breads and 2 strawberry cream cheese loaves - also, though not gifted, there was a garlic herb roast, chicken casserole - messy but very yummy, and monster of all omelet.)

Also, just in time for Christmas (and yes, I realize that it was intended to be a birthday gift, but since I didn't see her until Christmas, such is life):

Yes, lady's sweater is finally done (it would have been finished much sooner had I not gotten pissed off with the left sleeve that seemed to somehow flip itself inside out every time that I started to sew it, and tricked me in to not realizing this until about halfway through the sewing - I eventually got it to behave itself and stop this trick, though).

Now on to the, I ended up getting a breadmaker (yeah, my boy is good to me) as well as a convection oven (yeah, my ma is too). I now have a fully stocked kitchen...and am loving it (despite the fact that I have to pack it all up in a few weeks time to move).

I also got:
JACK SLIPPERS!!!! And they are beyond a shadow of a doubt mine, seeing as he now as a little coffee coloured birthmark on his head. (I have decided that I need to start drinking coffee from a sippy cup.)

I sucked it up, and headed out to Michaels on the weekend, too, as they had a 50% off any one regularly priced item sale going on (coupon), so I thought I would see what I could find. Well, there was tons there I wanted, however all of it was on sale for the holidays, so the coupon was useless. I did end up getting on thing for myself, though. I haven't yet decided where I will use them, but I do love them, so I will find a place:

And, the icing on the cake...

I have long admired the interchangable needle sets, however could never justify spending $100 on myself...I just couldn't do it. HOWEVER, my daughter's grandparents got me a gift certificate for Michaels. And, in connection with the 50% off any one item coupon, I could easily justify spending $25 for these puppies...and yes, I already have them in use.

Purely for me, because I need a little me time, even though I do have things that need to be done (but not until March, so it is not slacking, it is taking a breather), I am working on a knitted cape (pattern from the late 60s/early 70s). :) I actually purchased this one about 4 years ago, tried making it once, buggered up totally on the left front panel, and swore at the pattern. I have now forgiven it, and am going to make a go of it. Wee!!!


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