Monday, December 31, 2007


Here's to all....wishing you a very happy and healthy 2008. May it bring with it all that you desire.

much hugs and kisses


Thursday, December 27, 2007

happy 2 days after christmas

so the drama and trauma that becomes the holidays is finally over. Wee!!!

My daughter and I spent last weekend baking (she loves to bake, and despite what people think, I am very domestic). See what we made:

This became the majority of gifts that I gave out this year. Yummy goodness!! (There were about 200 cookies in total, 4 banana breads and 2 strawberry cream cheese loaves - also, though not gifted, there was a garlic herb roast, chicken casserole - messy but very yummy, and monster of all omelet.)

Also, just in time for Christmas (and yes, I realize that it was intended to be a birthday gift, but since I didn't see her until Christmas, such is life):

Yes, lady's sweater is finally done (it would have been finished much sooner had I not gotten pissed off with the left sleeve that seemed to somehow flip itself inside out every time that I started to sew it, and tricked me in to not realizing this until about halfway through the sewing - I eventually got it to behave itself and stop this trick, though).

Now on to the, I ended up getting a breadmaker (yeah, my boy is good to me) as well as a convection oven (yeah, my ma is too). I now have a fully stocked kitchen...and am loving it (despite the fact that I have to pack it all up in a few weeks time to move).

I also got:
JACK SLIPPERS!!!! And they are beyond a shadow of a doubt mine, seeing as he now as a little coffee coloured birthmark on his head. (I have decided that I need to start drinking coffee from a sippy cup.)

I sucked it up, and headed out to Michaels on the weekend, too, as they had a 50% off any one regularly priced item sale going on (coupon), so I thought I would see what I could find. Well, there was tons there I wanted, however all of it was on sale for the holidays, so the coupon was useless. I did end up getting on thing for myself, though. I haven't yet decided where I will use them, but I do love them, so I will find a place:

And, the icing on the cake...

I have long admired the interchangable needle sets, however could never justify spending $100 on myself...I just couldn't do it. HOWEVER, my daughter's grandparents got me a gift certificate for Michaels. And, in connection with the 50% off any one item coupon, I could easily justify spending $25 for these puppies...and yes, I already have them in use.

Purely for me, because I need a little me time, even though I do have things that need to be done (but not until March, so it is not slacking, it is taking a breather), I am working on a knitted cape (pattern from the late 60s/early 70s). :) I actually purchased this one about 4 years ago, tried making it once, buggered up totally on the left front panel, and swore at the pattern. I have now forgiven it, and am going to make a go of it. Wee!!!


Thursday, December 20, 2007

Because i am bored, you will all have to make do with my rambling

So I am currently working some overtime (who doesn't need a few extra bucks come the post-holiday credit card season??), and i must say...I am bored out of my freakin skull. The person who i am currently booked in with, well, I have been here for 4 hours, and have done nothing for. Nothing. What the hell? I mean, okay, sure, it is nice to know that I am getting paid time and a half to sit here making up my grocery list for Christmas dinner, but come on...

I spent an ungodly amount of time perusing the blog of one of my ravelry friends ( Not that his site is ungodly, or that there is anything wrong in reading about the daily comings and goings of virtual strangers, but I feel empty. I could have been home knitting. Sure, I would not have been making extra money, but I could have been knitting.

But instead, I have spent the last few hours learning:

1. Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant, and apparently the father has committed a crime in having slept with her, however no one has yet filed charges.

2. knitxcore has the attention span of a walnut.

3. There are literally hundreds of recipes for Seven Layer Salad, none of which seem to have the ingredients I remember in my mom's one from my childhood (must do further research...or pick up a phone and call her about this).

4. Lawyers cannot spell...even with a spell checker on, they ignore the warning of an incorrectly spelled word, and continue on their merry way.

5. The world is way to small some days...

And still none of this learning has brought me any closer to achieving ultimate enlightenment.



Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Holidays Looming Ever Closer...

Sorry for the lack of updating with respect to pictures and such...

Much as I love Christmas, I hate it, too. I hate the work it takes. I hate the ingracious way that others act. I hate the rushed feeling that I cannot recall ever being there during my childhood when Christmas was a time for family and friends enjoying one another's company.

But alas, I digress...I am slowly getting into a jollier mood (Love, Christmas flick EVER!!). Hopefully by the big day, I will be in full blown, non-egg nogged Christmas cheer!


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Twisted Shawl

I made this shawl for my boss. It was an easy knit, but turned out quite nice...

I used 4.5mm needles (US7) and Bernat Super Value yarn in Dusty Rose

c/o 86 st
Row 1: k3; p2; *k4; p2 (* to last 3 st); k3
Row 2: k3; k2; *p4; k2 (* to last 3 st); k3
Row 3: same as Row 1
Row 4: same as Row 2
Row 5: k3; *p2; slip next 2 stitches to cable needle and hold in front (c2f); p2; slip next 2 stitches to cable needle and hold in back (c2b); (*to last 9 st); c2f; p2; k3
Row 6: same as Row 2

Repeat these 6 rows until work measures 66 inches from beginning.

c/o 140 st
work garter st for 1"
Row 1: k3; p2; *k4; p2; (*to last 3 st); k3
Row 2: k3; k2; *p4; k2; (*to last 3 st); k3
Row 3: same as Row 1
Row 4: same as Row 2
Row 5: k3; *p2; c2f; p2; c2b; (*to last 9 st); c2f; p2; k3
Row 6: same as Row 2

Repeat these 6 rows until collar measures length you wish (I chose 4 inches; you may wish to make yours longer or shorter).

Fold shawl in half. Line up centre of collar with halfway mark on shawl and pin. Sew collar to edge of shawl.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Holiday Projects

So in an effort to finish those items which have kinda gone by the wayside, I am been diligently wiling away the hours with my needles clicking at super speed.

I have only to finish sewing the one sleeve on my mother's sweater. The scarf I am doing for a friend of mine is actually, finally, started...though I have barely made a dent in it. The skull sockies have been put on hold, since I realize that I need to finish the other items first. The shawl that I am making for my boss will get started this weekend (yeah, yeah, I know I am horrible with judging time on this one...especially since I can safely say that it will not be completed by the end of Hannukah). And my arm warmers are almost completely done...I have about an inch of ribbing to do, and that is all.

Will post this weekend with photos and (hopefully) updates.


Thursday, December 6, 2007

It feels like I am ready for Christmas...

but sadly, I think this every year...actually, I honestly do think I am ahead of the game somehow this year. not only did I make my final loan payment last month (meaning that I won't ever have to make one of those again...YEAH!!!), but I have provided my notice at my current residence AND have already started slowly sifting through the items i have collected at home that i really don't think i need (i found my breast daughter is 4...yeah, i am a bit of a pack rat).

of course, with the moving and the packing and the holidays and everything else, i am finding that i am having a hard time with some things. there are people who i have grown very attached to, very fond of, who are, unfortunately and through no fault of their own, being hurt by my actions. i hate this, and i hate knowing that all these things are things which i have put upon them. and i know that i have to start doing things for me, regardless of others, but it still affects me. i have hurt myself and been hurt by others enough to know beyond any doubt that i do not want to be the cause of that to someone else.

so currently i am trying to bury myself in things to do (i.e. knitting, cleaning, packing, organizing, decorating, baking, etc., etc., etc.). it has worked so far, but in the wee hours of the night, the guilt still sneaks up on me. hopefully once the move is done, and others realize that things are not as lonely, as far, as bad as they may seem, it will be better.