Friday, January 11, 2008

The (Almost) Perfect Skull Sweater Pattern

So, I have recently become the proud owner and peruser of Son of Stitch n' Bitch (a book which I am sure I will abuse the hell out of before the pages run in terror). And I found the following pattern throughout the colourful pages:

This pattern is wonderful. It is for a boy. It has SKULLS!!! It is about one margarita away from perfection. Or so I thought. Sadly, upon actually taking the time to review the pattern BEFORE starting (see, I am DIY knitters), I realized that the sleeves taper. And, while completely understandable and useful for a bike messenger or anyone who would use said garment for working type purposes and not just because it has skulls and their girlfriend made it for them so that have to wear it or she will throw a tantrum and speak to you only in one word answers, like FINE, which you know is dangerous territory, these type of sleeves would likely cause problems. And, since I kinda like my boy, I am thinking that I should be nice to him, and NOT put him in a position of having to decide whether to wear it and feel strange with tapered arms, or dealing with a girly who is FINE, I am planning on using the skull patch part of the pattern on a different sweater. I have chosen another sweater from the book which I will use as a base, but damned if I can remember which

Will update soon.

P.S. The cape is coming along nicely, but I have found that the pattern is very, VERY staid, and my ADD seems to act up whenever I pick it up. Good thing I get cable back in a few weeks.


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