Thursday, January 3, 2008

Technical Issues

Welcome to the third day of the new year!!! My New Year's resolution was quite successful. I did, as I resolved to do, wake up on New Year's Day. Wee...

What an interesting few days it has been. I ended last year with a tired, nearly asleep, crawl. Yes, I live such an exciting life. Movies on the couch in my (new - from Christmas - love them) togs and slippers. Got to sleep in a little on New Years Day (my daughter is so good to me some days), followed by a horrendously stupid drive to my sister's for our annual family brunch which, with the exception of the other members of her family, I was the only one in attendance.

I did learned, however, that though we are in a new year, it appears all the stupid drivers from last year made it here too. :(

I actually must say, though, that even though it was the smallest brunch (father was in California, complaining that the weather "only" hovered in the high 50s his whole trip, everyone else...well, I don't really know...), we did have a good time. Played poker, watched the kiddlings all play, free, fun, fun.

Just before the dawn of 2008, I got confirmation on my new place. Wee!!! Only 28 more days until I move. And yesterday, I got confirmation of a daycare position for my daughter. You would not believe (unless you have been there yourself before) how friggin difficult it is to find care for a kindergarten child. Everywhere has full day programs, or before and after school programs...but no one seems to want the kids if they are just every other day, and alternate Fridays. But alas, it is done. She has a spot.

The rest, well, that can all come in due time...I still have, after all, 28 more days to go.

And then, of course, my monitor exploded. :(

Okay, maybe not exploded. But it crackled, then it popped, then it went black and made a high pitch squeal. I am guessing this is not a good thing. Thankfully, I put in many overtime hours over the last little while, and *should* have enough left over this pay to buy a monitor. There are some good deals going on, and even though I had originally planned to do nothing more than save with this money, I can sacrifice $150...

Hope you are all having a great new year so far.


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