Monday, January 7, 2008

Need a Weekend to Recover...

First, despite the title, my weekend was amazing. It really was. Friday was a nice, low-key evening. Got home from work early, did the dinner thing and such with no problemo at all. Went to Walmart to scope out a new dresser for my daughter (figured now would be a good time to get it, since I wouldn't have to worry about unpacking it or anything else, just leave the box with the other things to be moved). While there, the bane of my existence, my daughter's hair (she despises having it brushed, and with all the curl that she has, it just meant that more and more it would become tangled and knotted and the point that she would start crying and hiding the minute I picked up a hairbrush), was removed. As we were wandering around Walmart, I noticed that the Magicuts or whatever the hair place in there is called was still open. So, after putting it in terms Ammy could understand ("don't you want to have a cute little hairdo just like Dora??"), mission #1 for the weekend was accomplished. She looks adorable (yes, I am partial). And it is nice to actually be able to brush her hair now without having to figure out where she has hidden the brush, the hair ties or herself. Didn't get a dresser while we were there - but I did get decals for her new room, and managed to pick up some of the cheapie $4.99 art stuff that they have that is actually quite nice. Just all in all a good day.

Saturday was equally as good. My daughter and I spent the day grubbing about the house. Cleaned...vegetated...not much of anything. And I had a wonderful "date night" Saturday night. We went out for dinner, followed by Bingo. Yes, I said Bingo. :) And we won, too. It would appear that, despite the boy insisting on paying for everything during our date night, my winnings at bingo covered the entire cost, and then some...and that was after our splitting what we won. WEEEE!!!!

Yesterday, we painted my daughter's room. We move in 24 days, and I did tell my landlord that I would take care of the painting (all the paint was actually in the cubby under the stairs....just a matter of putting it on the walls - and the walls looked hideous from the state that the previous tenants left it in). So, in the morning, after being woken up at an hour that should not exist during the weekends by my loverly little angel and after getting a sufficient amount of liquid caffiene into my system to function in a somewhat normal manner, I set up the room to paint. That is when the boy woke up. And went to get coffees, as I had drained the pot. :) Between the two of us, the entire painting of her room took about an hour in total...not bad, if you ask me. And, well, this is my blog, so really, that is the only opinion that matters at the moment.

Then, one of my not-oft seen loves was mentioned...IKEA. We wandered, and played, and goofed off, and played, and wandered, and ended up getting a very nice, very cheap dresser for my daughter ($87) which I have promised her we will go to Home Depot and pick up some knobs (wholly unneccessary but she wants big pink ones) as well as a new TV stand (found the matching coffee table, but we don't really need one right now, so...). Since both of us were lazy (the boy and I, that is) and neither of us felt like cooking, we went to a restaurant for linner (had a very late breakfast, so this was sort of lunch/dinner) and somehow, on the way back to the car, my daugher and I sort of veered off course and ended up outside of Chapters. Honest, I have no clue how it happened. :p

So I now proudly own and will likely peruse and abuse with glee and joy, DomaKNITrix and Son of a Stitch n' Bitch. Wee!!!

Hope you all had a productive and enjoyable weekend.


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