Sunday, March 30, 2008

And this, dear reader, is why you read first

I have recently been making good use of the whole "don't assume, because you only make an ass out of u and me" saying.

So, I have been diligently working on my Mod Coat. Ideally, I would like to have this finished for the spring weather that I am sure will eventually make an appearance. would appear that I am a complete idiot worthy of being beaten with my knitting needles.

After having read through the entire design several times, I made the left side of the coat. Wonderful. Looks great. Even when I did the geeky "I am going to hold the left half that I have finished up to my body to see how it looks". The colour and shape rock.

So, very excited, thinking that I could definitely get this project done before spring weather, I casted on the right side...and proceeded to get about three quarters of the way through making a

le sigh. we live, we learn. but yes, the 40 some-odd minutes it took me to unravel that beast definitely drummed the whole "i must read a pattern *while* i am doing it" thing into my

all in all, though, it kind of went with the day. my daughter was burning up with a fever yesterday morning. she asked me if she could snuggle under my blankets and watch a movie. of course (there is nothing harder to say no to then a sick child). then she asked if she could draw too. no problem. she likes to use my bingo dabbers as stamps...along with many other things (i have the non-toxic ones, so when she dabs it all over her hand to make hand-prints, i don't have to worry about it or her). a little while later, i hear "oh no, oh no, MAMA!!!" i walk in to find my child, bed, floor, and many other things are an unnatural shade of bright pink! yes, she had somehow gotten the lid off of the dabber, and all over everything.

she was fine (a little traumatized by my stripping her and tossing her into the tub while I hosed her down with the showerhead). sadly, though, she is still a little pink...and due to my immediately checking her to make sure none was in her mouth or eyes or any other important extremity, a good portion of my arms and hands are pink as well. to which, of course, i got the standard response of "it is okay, mama. i like pink."

hope you all had a stellar weekend. i think after the events of yesterday, i am going to force the boy to come with us to the mall...i like walking with the option to purchase.


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