Wednesday, October 21, 2009

To Keep Myself Occupied

Well, I have found some wonderful things that I can do while I am sitting at home on mat leave right now. My daughter's teacher is big on reading (which I personally think all teachers of lower grade levels should be, but that is neither here nor there). Her and I got talking about knitting one day, and I mentioned that I do knit so she has asked me if I can make her some "props" for some of the books that she reads repeatedly.

At the moment, I am working on an oversized mitten for The Mitten. Her teacher has little fisher price animals that are all in the book, so she plans on using those for putting in the mitten. I will also be doing a regular sized one so that the kids can see the size difference before and after the animals move in, and can discuss why the mitten grew. :)

I found an amazing site that actually deals with this type of stuff (Children's Lit n' Knit). There are a few other books that she has asked me to work props for, if I have the time and inclination. I am sure that it will be fun (since she would like to have them to share with the other lower grade teachers at Ammy's school).

Also of note, I have finished Tony's muves. They look and fit him great! Seriously, they rock. I am thinking that I may have to look into a pair for myself. The only real "christmas knitting" that I am planning on doing this year is a pair of socks and a hat. Other than that, nothing. Both of those shouldn't take too long (so long as I try to remember that they are a gift, and therefore 1 sock is not an option).

That is all, really. Family is doing great. Currently I am just enjoying the calm before the storm that starts next week...


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